Oct. 19th, 2017 09:03 am
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Tai chi
clean dishes/kitchen

wash bedsheets
sign up for the Body & Brain change website thing. Do it.  Get the 1 minute workout thing set up

Then I can.... sew!! 

Get QA tasks
srs... do some serious testing
I've been neglecting other stuff for sewing... 
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A little late on this hahah. 

The last few days or week I guess... has not been great productive wise I feel. Hubs was gone for a work trip all week, and it took me a while to even attempt to settle into something. I felt rather down and low energy still. I did finish Ever Oasis, the red bat got finished, and the shawl I was working on too. I've been keeping up fairly well with the inktober, only getting maybe 3 or so days behind at most, but still getting them done. I did sell Ever Oasis, and bought my next game, but I dont want to really start it until Nov maybe; I got AMR as my other game to complete for October. 

It's been a real challenge to get myself back into working out. I should have tried much harder to do something while I was in Atlanta, but did not.  I have started taking some yoga classes at a place. It's based on Korean self healing practices, so it's not the White Girl Yoga at all. I am enjoying is so far I think. Going to try to keep to two days a week on that, and start doing something here at home on days I'm not going there.

I do want to start focusing more on art work. Making sure I actually do a little bit every day. I feel I got a handle down on working on sewing stuff.   


Oct. 9th, 2017 09:01 pm
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 wake up
shower/change rx
derma  apt

home and lunch
change for yoga appointment
come home

dinner (tuna casserole)
Go to friends! Bring muffins and game to return! 

9:50am: I felt pretty fine when I woke up, but as the morning has progressed, the backpain has started to come back, and I've been feeling tired. I took some Ibu in hopes to keep the pain away. I have so much I want to do and I can't be held up like this. I'm gonna try and power through it as much as I can. 

5:30pm: I went to try to cut fabric, and in setting it up the cat took it over as a nest... also may need a larger cutting board
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 brush your hair
brush your teeth
put on a bra
Put hair Up
Wash your face
Do stretches
Did you eat yet?
change out of lazy clothes - do a skirt if not feeling like jeans


Oct. 8th, 2017 10:37 pm
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Work out!!!
inktober sketch
cut out purple bunny pieces
some background image work  (AI)
sew flowers onto bat
more pirate skirt design mulling
make dinner~
play with the sad pug

8:44pm: I ended up feeling pretty sick for a good portion of the day so I didnt get anything done. :< 


Oct. 5th, 2017 10:04 am
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 The last few days I've just felt really fatigued and not really able to do anything. I feel better right now. A bit tired from not sleeping well, but not no energy. 

Light workout
shower/wash hair

seriously, start some plushie work!!
Inktober drawing x2
Play some Ever Oasis (2 hours?) 
Check out some black lace at Joann's
Submit Job application to Joann's

I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed from not doing much the last two days, but it's time to change that. No more bumming on the couch or in bed all day. 

2:40pm: I went to hit the "apply" button for the job, and like.. I dont want to :/ like.. I dont want to do it. And that's okay. So I just have to focus harder on art/the shop. And being a better housewife (keeping the place cleaner) 

So now I think I'm going to do 1 Inktober drawing, play some games while I wait for more regular tasks, do another one when I get tired of playing that, and then it'll either be time to start dinner or something. 

8pm have not played ever oasis yet, my ds was dead, so it needed to be charged. I crocheted some more instead. I think i'm on the last two rows. I wont have enough yarn, but i found some grey that matches and will finish it with that. 

I think after the meeting I'm going to play some games instead of read tonight. 
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 I'm going to join a yoga studio, because I know it'll help me work out regularly, and hopefully get some flexibility back, and help my knee out.

This place seems pretty good, not a trendy-white-person run yoga place, like so many are. Pricing isnt listed, but they said they had monthly things, and those seemed to be in the same price range as other places.  There's at least two types of classes I want to do, and possibly a 3rd. 

This place seems like another place of what I'm looking for, but is for sure a trendy-yuppie yoga place. 

This one is down in Cameron Village, however it is a hot yoga, which I don't think I want to do really. But they do give a week free thing, so I'll maybe check it out. 

I think I'll check these three out first. There's a lot more other studios around, but some of them I go "eeehh" and a lot of hot yoga places. 

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Bi monthly

Oct. 3rd, 2017 01:26 pm
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 I was at a con, and so wasn't able to do with when I meant to. 

I feel like things were going good? The con went well, but right now I think I've got a cold from it. Another day or two will tell if it's just really tired from it, or actually a cold.

I think having that list of "things I want to get done this month" will help a lot in me actually getting things done. 

I have been having issues with getting myself to work on plushies again, and doing art. I'm going to do Inktober/30 day drawing challenge as a way to try and get myself to draw a little bit. Now that I have nothing coming up that will really impede me, I am going to start doing plushies. 

I just really hope I'm not getting sick >< 
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I worked out this morning, my first set i did light since I didnt feel warmed up enough from the warm up stuff, did 10 squats with that, and then on set two I was like "yeah I can push myself a bit, lets go past 12 squats" and I should have not done that. By the time we got to set 3, my knee was very unhappy with me and so I left out squats on the last set. 

I have no idea why it hurts. I've been working on the stretches, and it doesnt even feel like the normal place my knee hurts?? normally its in the back of my knee, or feels like in it, but this time it was the front inner, just below the knee cap. A sharp pain shoots from there when I bend it with weight or pressure. 

It's been giving me trouble more the last few weeks. I try to do stretches to help it, but I feel like it's not quiet the same issue as before. I've been thinking about joining a yoga studio, or a pool and swimming, something to help push me a little more in my work out, but also shouldnt cause too much strain on me. 


Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:59 pm
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 work out
cold wash laundry

sand new omega necklace
work on red bat


not sure what else to do, it's the weekend and i have a bad streak of not doing a lot over the weekend (because hanging with the hubs instead)
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 ewing for fun!
Rita Blouse
circle skirt with dark damasc fabric
Pirate Skirt? (if I have the supplies/design figured out)
attempt tiered skirt? (at least get a pattern written out to test, put into book)
bag design? (if I have time)

Ever Oasis

Inktober! Everyday!
Cellphone background: Just get stripes and curtain portion done (do rest if can, but success if just those get done)

Other: Personal
Finish OnSv6 post
Gir Amigurumi
Wild Oats shawl
3 volumes of BotI
24 (1-2 shows?) episodes watched from CR

Other: Skill/shop
Video editing: Masking
Get sample product photos done
Finish red bat
Finish purple lolita bunny

Notes )
Boti: 1 volume
dark red bat
wild oat shawl
OnSv6 Post
Ever Oasis - the main story


Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:36 am
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 work out
shower/wash hair
clean kitchen

QA work
Combine white and black sculpy... hopefully make grey. 
Try to make omega necklace again

start making a list of things needed for trip

when dark: take new photos
play some TO COMPLETE games


Sep. 21st, 2017 10:52 am
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 get lists of tasks
work out
sketches of bunny in a race car
make a list of goods I want to sell

I never thought about the goggles. It would be the UMG bunny and I was thinking the car would be a mashup between Mach 5 from Speed Racer and a carrot.

goods list:
I may not have a large list of items, but I should at least start putting together a simple catalog with at least 1 sample per item, prices, colors, and expected craft to shipping time. 
ribbon roses
plushies (a pick of each plushie)
crochet flowers
crochet peter pan collars/removable collars (you make them larger in the neck) 


Sep. 19th, 2017 09:28 pm
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change sheets

alice blue dress make up test 2 (not in full costume)
hot glue stuff to clay pieces
paint them?
go over AWA schedule

1pm: while checking out at target, ended up getting talked at about applying there. I've applied twice and they've never interviewed me, so I really dont think I want to try AGAIN. But I do need a job... It's seasonal hiring time, so I might apply there and Jo-anns. If it's seasonal and they plan on letting me go after, fine. I just dont want to get into another minimum wage job that's going to go below 10 hours a week again. 

"why'd you quit?" "I wasn't getting enough ours, and <$200 a month is not worth it" sorry I know my worth and you wont pay me it??? 

Anyway, i've hot glued what I needed to on my  cosplay pieces, and waiting for it to cure a little more before taking one of them down and spray painting it. 

3pm: I need to go check the piece I have sitting out drying lol. did a make up test. I think I like the brown as opposed to the black for the make up, more so since as of right now I will be doing my natural brown hair and not black. Its a dark brown make up, so it's still kinda gothy feeling?? I might mix some black into the brown but eh. 

went over the panels and stuff I wanted to see for AWA, removed ones I realized I did not want to see after googling them lol. There was one spot thursday day night with like 4 things I wanted to go to and the all over lapped. but I think there was 1 or 2 things I really wanted to see more, so they won. 

Right now I'm trying really hard to convince myself to work on stuff when I really dont want to. Please dont let me getting sick! Anime night might be cancelled tonight, and i'd be very excited right now lol 


Sep. 17th, 2017 10:33 pm
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Work Out
Grocery shopping

 Look up make up for Alice's
Cosplay test! 
- take photos

finish cleaning up sewing room
Pull out plushie needs 
- start plushie

11am: hubs needed my car today. If I had known yesterday I would have forced myself to go then or go before he got up. Ah well. No grocery shopping today, so I guess we go out or something instead? I've been looking up makeup stuff for Alice. I think I have everything I need, but I dont really know. I'm trying to wait until this load of laundry is done, so i can do a blue dress test. 

12pm: did the omega necklace. Waiting for it to dry
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Sketching the other day, I tried to draw Sakura in one of her outfits, but I didnt like it very well, so I drew Carmella in it, and it turned out really cute, so I think I'll do those characters or something similar in various MG outfits.

Days 1-7 is Carmella
Days 8-14 is Goretti
Days 15-21 is Susan
Days 21-28 is Ford?
Day 29-31 is ??? Gomez and the Ravens???

Wiki of CCS outfits
Space Cadet
Blue Jester
Yellow Unbrella
Pink rubber dress with cat ears/pink cat ears costume

yellow fairy
Witch outfit

remembrance dress
alice in wonderland with pinafore
winged costume
red coat

yellow dress
grey star
blue sheep

The Pink and Blue Costume
Red shorts and cape, white hat and over skirt, pastel white hat
Pink and black dress with black jacket, pink hat, and pink boots
Wing Gown
Madoka series outfits

Take some screenshots of Style Savvy


Sep. 13th, 2017 10:04 am
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 Work out
Grocery store 

Clean up sewing mess
Start on small skull
Work on wig
Change bed sheets

3:30pm: after I went to the grocery store, I decided I wanted to go to joanns, so I went ate at home and then went, and realized I didnt have REGULAR noodles, so I grabbed some on the way from there. Doing laundry, but it isnt the sheets! 

I feel like I've done so little again today. I need to figure out what is going on. I think it's because I'm getting up around 8 or 9, and hubs isnt leaving to work until 10 or 11. 

I got that fabric I saw the other day, and found this other purple floral fabric. And then they had lace that matched it.

At this rate I don't think I'm going to start the skull tonight, but I will clean up the room and get it ready for that. I think I'm also going to start a list of what I want to do for inktober. 


Sep. 11th, 2017 07:06 pm
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 work out
coffee and create meet!!
clean something
turn the thing

I have no idea if i'm going to take my crochet or my sketch book. Im not sure what I would even draw. 


Sep. 10th, 2017 09:50 pm
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 work out
cat to vet at 10am
morning LT prod testing
do some turning
more turning
maybe actual sewing?? probably not, my fingers will be sore
Albion??? - go back to using the bow
art!!! do some drawing!!!
read some manga

half of the waist tie is turned, i just gotta do the other, but it's actually smaller than the last one I did so it's more rough to do :/ 

8:30am hubs had some bad heartburn last night, so I was up briefly at like 3. and then the cat wouldnt shut up at 7:30. I tried to nap a bit, but at this point I might as well just stay up until the vet appointment and nap when I get home from that. 

I have no idea if hubs is going to go into work today or work from home. Either way I'm going to wake him before I go and I guess go. 


Sep. 8th, 2017 09:53 am
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 work out
pick up living room/bedroom
make vet appt for cat re: vaccines

10am: I've done some stretches so hopeflly I wont feel as tight today?? IDK it's something i oughta do throughout the day everyday 

a bit disappointed with my completion progress of anime, manga and games, so I set up a new "schedule". Sewing and art will happen every day (or be planned to anyway) and then the evenings will switch between those 3 things.  I dont know if I'm going to start it tomorrow or monday, but I have it planned out I think. Also adjusted how the calander widgets are on my phone so many that will help some too?
I just have so much I want to complete, and what progress have I made recently? not a lot. 


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