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 Ugh I think I need to make a list of all the side personal projects I want to work on. 

- OnS pattern list (im sorry this is taking me so long)
- Gardening Info thing! Lavenders is the first one
- make some OC fanart foo’!
- GIR amigurumi (x2)
- ????

I feel like there’s more that I’ve forgotten.

I should make a list of "Monthly Hobby goals" instead of just.... ever hanging ones.  

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There's a long list of stuff I want to complete in terms of my hobbies, so I thought having a complied list would help me remember and work on them when I feel kinda bored and don't know what to do with myself. I should pick one and work on it.

Video Games
Legend of Mana - 100% playthrough with getting all the scenes.
Okami:- get the final weapon - decided to not bother with this anymore. 
Odin Sphere (have ps4 release) Currently Playing
Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and Lost Ocean - 100% play though.
Baten Kaitos: Origins - Just finish the story line.
Okami-den: Finish the story
The World Ends With You - Finish Story
KH series: CoM, 357/2, DDD, etc - finish story. ???? (Do I even care anymore?? I dont know whats going on with this story)
Ever Oasis

Modify the underskirt - the high-low black one I made
make plushies!!! 
bodyline wa-lolita: make it into a skrit or something
tiered skirt remake
see: all patterns in the pattern box lol

Yarn Works
Lacy work scarf - knitting  Now to give it to someone
Learn the Knitted Knocker Pattern before mom visits
 Wild Oats Shawl
3 Gir amigurumis

Reading Omg read some book
Discworld Series
C.S. Pacat short stories
What did you just get on the kindle?

Blade of the Immortal - Finish
Skip Beat
Jellyfish Princess  caught up as of 7/2017

Everything on the CR queue
Escaflowne -rewatch
Cowboy Bebop
Yuri On Ice

cellphone background done in AI/high res
- Redo current one
- try some new ones in the style of the SM backgrounds in tumblr favs
Pokemon trainers
Carmella's Garden
Plant Study

(as of 1/14/17 there's not a ton that is giving me "joy" or I have anticipation to do, so it's a little rough, but I hope having a list to reference will get me to work on stuff, and eventually back to feeling happy again)

7/8 I figure I should update this note section. I have a cosplay planned out for a con in a few months, and actually waiting on them, have been making plushies like mad, but the singer I use to satin stitch appliques on needs to be tuned up, so at this moment it's in the shop, so all my sewing is a bit stalled right now as I wait for the machine or materials to come it. I am enjoying it, it is going good. I've been bad at playing games or watching anime; I am going to try harder to work on those. I'm also in a rut in my art, not really liking anything I'm making. I tried to draw a face the other day and it was awful... I'm going to try and work on that more.as well. 

9/8 update:
I've been working on cosplay, and was doing plushies until my machine threw a fit, but I'm borrowing a replacement and will start plushies again when I am done with the cosplay. Game progress has slowed, I need to get back into trying to play a chapter a day or every other day again. My wrist has been bothering me a lot, lately, so I've been hesitant to crochet (but still want to! I started the wild oats shawl a few days ago and like half way through with it already. But my poor wrist!) I haven't really drawn at all for a few weeks (maybe over a month?) I'm feeling disappointed in myself that I havent been doing all these things. My mornings seem taken up with house related cares. I will start trying to be on a better schedule for them, at least until the con (AWA) 


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