Jul. 16th, 2017

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 my goals mostly today is to just sew. SEW SEW SEW!!

Finish bat plsuhie
make mock of half circle skirt; will it actually fit my hips?
if it's fine, make the brown skirt for reals. 
Start the apron then?

I really should work out >< 
Cat cafe?

Maybe some living room re-arrangement? at least with wires. 

I dont know what else, the sewing should take a decent amount of time up. 


Jul. 16th, 2017 09:01 pm
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 work out
look into making the fabric to stop puckering
put zipper in

cut out waistband
interface waistband
attach waistband

cancel TWC internet
go over bills


11:30am:  Whew! Rolled out of bed a tad later than desired, but the pug didnt need out until then, so whatever. Calling to cancel the twc internet was actually pretty easy. I remember it being a bit of a challenge when we moved from CA, but it took like a total of 15 minutes or something between hitting dial and hanging up. I do feel like the fabric I got for the orphanage dress is a bit lighter than I wanted, but um.... just gonna roll with it. I'll finish it and see how I feel about it and decide if I need to redo it with new fabric or not. I do feel like it's a bit light in terms of fabric weight and color. First cosplay, not gonna worry about it too much. 

Working out this morning was a huge challenge for me!! It was just hard to do; between my hair bouncing around and for some reason it just felt a tad harder to breath. But I made it through. Yay. 

I've got the zipper done on the cosplay, and taking a break before I start the waist band. I dont know if i'll get to hemming it tonight or not. Now maybe I'll finally vacuum after like 3 weeks @.@


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