Apr. 25th, 2017

4/25 goals

Apr. 25th, 2017 08:58 am
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Yesterday wasn't bad. I got some stuff done..

Today goals are:
  • Compatibility and doc updates for QA
  • Start redoing the CSS for the site I lost
  • some bat plush sewing
  • Art for Taco themed stuff
  • Remind husband about people he needs to call
It's going to rain again all day. I'm going to have to try harder to get the dog to poop. It'll also be nice if hubs paid any sort of attention to things I tell him about the goings on here, and just didn't ignore it. (aka he could have taken the dog out himself after he got home before coming to bed and dealt with it then and not at 2 am)

I'd like to take a shower and wash my hair, but there's flash flood warnings like all day. I'd rather not add more water to the system if I could help it. Luckily I have some dry shampoo and leave in conditioner, so hopefully I can get another day in without having to wash the hair. 

11:30am: I feel so bad for doing like 15-30 min of work... but there just isnt a lot of stuff??? 


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