Apr. 13th, 2017

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Food: Cinnamon Toast
Chai latte and cinnamon roll
Turkey sandwich and tomato basil soup.

No symptoms seen yet today as of 1:55pm.

3:30pm 1/3 of a sugar cookies with frosting on it. My energy level just felt so low even after taking a nap, I wanted some sugar to help get my pep back. 

6pm Dinner was shreded chicken and some potatoes in a tortilla, with a salad. I had two lavender macarons with a glass of milk like 2  hours later. No symptoms till this point.

Symptoms: Then around 9 I decided on a second glass of milk, and some back aches started. They felt a tad lower than the other day, and closer to my hips, so I am using a heat pack on them and it is helping. <- I'm pretty sure this is uterus related pain, judging by the amount of blood coming out. 
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work out
Button Holes on straps
sweep kitchen floor
QA work!! 
Call temp agency about jobs
CSS art

851am: today is going to be a bit rough today. There's things I HAVE to get done today, and things I want to work on (why is art never a thing that HAS to be done?) I'm pretty certain there is going to be a nap this morning. 

1pm: I went back to bed at like 9 and slept till 11. I'm trying to keep focused and work through my stuff. It's been a rather challenge, I just want to laze about. I'm hoping making the task in small chunks will help. 

6:33pm: Tried to do stuff this afternoon and it was a challenge to say the least!! Im still hungry after dinner, and trying to convince myself to make and eat the salad I did not eat. I have some more things I need to do, and should do today, but ugh. 

9:04pm: I did some more CSS work. I feel like most of the time was spent forgetting how to properly put in a background image, and then messing with trying to center something. But it is still progress, and I think ready to move to the next section of it lol


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