Mar. 27th, 2017


Mar. 27th, 2017 09:29 am
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Sketch mrs goats tea-rose garden
Try to get ps2 working again

I also want to go to target and get socks, becuse I am low on socks and most of mine have holes in the heel. I need to learn to darn them so I can fix them. They are fine socks other than that.

I tried to do some yoga this morning but downward facing dog is not a great position to be in when you're nose is all runny. hhahah

11:29pm: i went to target becuse I need some new pants and socks, I grabbed this little pair for shorts but they're like 20$ and I'm not sure if they're worth it??? I'm going to ask hubs how he feels about them. Going to target is always super expensive. 5 or 6 items is like 70$ ghlkjdfd so I guess I feel regretful for getting them, but they are cute little shorts and I have a few pairs, but two of them I wear inside out, and the other pair might be too small??? blarg

5:49pm: did not do the tea garden, however did draw and color someone's OC, so that's a win.  I have yet to try the ps2, and I swapped out the RAM to my old RAM and was going to put in the ssd, but realized... i dont know what cord I need lol so i decided to wait till hubs got home to do that. 


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