Mar. 21st, 2017


Mar. 21st, 2017 10:24 am
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Hubs is home!

I'm not really sure what the goals today are; I know I need to go over some QA stuff (email), mail something for father-in-law, hubs wants to go wash his truck. It would be nice if we/I could start getting my new SSD up and running, but I'm not in a rush for it. I really need to go get back into doing CSS. I'm not sure where I am with the pug website, I want to make some images as sort of how I want them, and go from there. I'm somewhere with how I want it to be visually sort of, so I feel like that's the next step outside of placeholder colors and text.

I'm excited to start getting back into a routine... only to then leave for a week lol I'll be at my parents house, so I don't think it'll end up too disrubtive as far as workout/eating well will go. The eating well part might be a challenge, since I'll want to eat all sorts of sweets, but I should for sure be able to keep up on working out. My mom goes for walks with the neighbor, so I'll join her on those, and do as I need in the living or other room for the rest of my workout stuff.

.... of course, hubs has fallen asleep like an hour after being up, so all the stuff we need to do today is postponed until he gets up sigh hahaha


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