Mar. 9th, 2017

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My plans for yesterday didn't go 100% as expected, and I suspect today won't really either.

100% must do:
QA meeting
Clean kitchen
shower - wash hair

Should do:
work out
CSS/website work
Watch Anime
clean bathroom

I've been "bad" at playing the games I want to complete lately. Partially because in Okami, one is a long battle, the other is a skill thing I have to do. Not looking forward to doing either of them.

Food: There's a lot of left overs to eat in the fridge. Eat them. Do not make MORE food to have as left overs. The sausage is probably bad by now.

4:20pm: ahahaha omg I've had no sense of time at all today. I got the dishes done in the kitche, but havent wiped down the stove or counters yet. Will probably do that when I go to make dinner. I was going to make muffins, but i need 3 EGGS AND I ONLY HAVE 2 CRUEL WORLD WHY DO THIS TO MEEEEE ahahahahh. I really don't need like 12 muffins. I guess I'll go get some cake mix that takes 2 eggs and make cupcakes since I can bring them to friends over the weekend.

I could do laundry today, but then what would I do tomorrow? I need to do the green blanket and some towels.

Tomorrow I will probably need to go to the grocery store for a few items, and I want to try and focus on doing sketches for my next art piece, and more CSS website sketches/research. And various QA stuff. I want to try and get at least an hour in. I've been slacking a little bit in testing, since a main aspect was in the process of changing, and it should all be in now. If I can't progress, I'll need to get an answer from the producer on why it's not happening right now. 


Mar. 9th, 2017 08:15 pm
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Work out
Grocery store
CSS website research/sketches
flea med to pets

SMOKE TEST IS PUSHED BACK the devs are NOT ready to do a new staging push. Monday is probably when it will happen.
I can probably do some connection testing though

Really hoping I won't be tired like I felt the previous day. Most of the day went by in a weird blur.


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