Mar. 5th, 2017


Mar. 5th, 2017 08:47 pm
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  Get BASIC CSS stuff onto tumblr page
  Change font stuff on it

  Finish all teh arty stuff on the piece

House Chores
  Pair sock pile

Play Okami - got like 3 beads left. WILL I BE ABLE TO GET THEM ALL

~*~ Notes from 3/5 ~*~
I've gotten kind of bad at writing these up lately. I've been feeling a bit directionless. I want to do more CSS, but not sure what to do. Tumblr is such a challenge because I don't understand their {block:something} crap. The best way will be to 1) keep reading stuff I've found 2) start playing around with it. So I think getting a barebones html/css set up and then playing with that will be the best way to get started.

I'm going to try and visit with a friend, see how her sewing machine is, and then I think start working on a bat plushie. Also, working more on the Garden Pals characters. Still no idea what to call them though. I do like the "____ Lane" though. Currently working on a small 4"x6" piece to put in a picture frame. It's been really fun. I may however need to find a better way to paint the grey cat.

Hubs is going to be gone in just a few short days. It's going to be really awful, and I will need to keep up on keeping myself distracted and socialized. Twelve nights alone! Going to be awful. It will be a big challenge to stay focused and not get too depressed. I can't hang out on the couch TOO much. I should work in some sort of evening yoga/workout to help with that. Nothing good will come from sitting on the couch watching TV alone all day.

~*~ Day of ~*~

10:32am: We realized, we had no idea where the bike key is, so this morning is trying to see if it's in the house anywhere. SO FAR NO LUCK. It's also NOT in the truck. Hubs took my car to work since his temp plate on his truck expired, and the motorcycle is in the back. I havent worked out since trying to find the key. I also don't remember what I was going to try to do on what days. I'll need to find the paper or redo it (And then like, stick it in my calendar or something)

My goal is to knock out all the house chores this morning, but trying to calm down from the anxiety of the lost key and focus on something is going to be a challenge.

1:23pm: seemed to have a "super bare bones ugly" html/css for tumblr theme, so I've dropped that in. Boy does it look ugly! But I think it's exactly the flat spot I need to be in to start figuring things out.


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