Feb. 18th, 2017


Feb. 18th, 2017 10:04 pm
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   - My own profile custom cuteness

QA work
  - poke dev again about issues.

   - Start next Sew Desu Ne/CholyKnight plushie
   - Embroidery image ???
   - Do some art??? Finish the painting for realz

Also really hoping to get out of the house and see some people. Really to just get out of the house for an extended period. It's rather nice out right now.

5:26pm: none of this happened, instead the day was pretty much getting ready and hanging out with a friend. So I suppose this will be my list of stuff monday. (plus laundry) 
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I feel very restless this evening. And hungry but not hungry?? I just want to wat but no real reason for eating. Never full really??? but not super hungry at any specific time???

I'm worried I'm going into a depression episode. How blah I feel and nothing exciting or holding my attention really. I wanted to play a game, but no games where what I wanted, I stated a movie, and it wanst very good (in all honesty, it wasn't. Not really what I expected and not something I would watch out of the blue, so that's not a great since). I really want to do something, but I don't know what. Crochet sounds good, but I Don't know what I would make. I wish I had some sort of embroidery image to do, it sounds relaxing and enough of a thing to engage my brain, but also easy enough I could watch some TV listlessly. Something easy for my hands to do.

Tomorrow I have plans to go hang out with someone, so I hope that'll help get me out of the funk. It'll  be important to pick things to do and stick to them, even if takes me a while to do. It's very good. 


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