Feb. 15th, 2017

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I have not done anything producitve for days. Any while it felt nice to not feel "pressure" I can feel myself slipping off of whatever bandwagon/motivation that I had started with.  Like I dont WANT to stop doing stuff, I want to keep going, but I also want time to just... do nothing and watch tv. So really I think that means I need to adjust my schedule and find new blanace in it.

However the last few days too, my wrist has been hurting. I think it's from too much phone game (and how the laptop angle is when you have it on your lap or tummy on the beanbag. ) I had been reluncatant to do stuff because of it. But the month is half over already and I feel so under accomplished.

It's rainy and dreary out today, after being some nice mid 50 to 60 dergee weather. But since last week I've had some crazy allergies and lots of sneezing and running nose. Which has made my thoat sore with post-nasal drip. The allergy pills I take normally don't seem to be helping a ton. I keep wondering if it's a cold (because of the crazy 20+ degree shift lately too) but I haven't felt anyworse (no fever, no real general ugh feeling), just itchy nose, sneezing and runny nose. Somedays there were a lot of sneezing that made me feel blah, but still not enough to say "I am sick". Lucky I guess?

Crafting Summary:
I had started a wallet from a pattern, while I don't think the final product is going to look well, it was a fun project. I thought it would take me like a week, but I had just not been working on it at a good pace. I screwed up on it yesterday and in the process of undoing seams. I don't know what I'm going to do with the wallet when I'm done. I'll see if someone on FB wants the hideous thing. But I'm making it so I have something to enter in the "contest" and get the discount on a plush pattern I want. I was hoping to get the wallet done AND work on another plush for the contest, but I don't think I'll get there in time.

I've also had the urge to embroider. I think because it's a small "in your lap" project and I feel like there's been a lot of down time in Conan (waiting for it to load) and it was just a nice little thing. I, however, have no idea WHAT to embroider.

CSS Sumary:
Hubs sat down with me and I learned some tricks to help me find items. It was good. I found the problem with the issues that were bothering me, and it's looking good. Well good enough. I haven't started messing with any sort of position changing of the content. The layout is still pretty much the same, just different colored. I would like to get it done by the end of the week. I have a few more things to change on it (comment section) and find some sort of image background. I think that's all pretty do-able. If I actually work on it.

Art Summary:
I'm closer to the little picture being done. I knew it would take me a while to get it done (part of the nature of water color and letting it air dry, and me trying to not just rush it) but I feel like it's taken a little longer than I would have liked. I really only have the forest background left to do on it. But other than that, I have not really been doing any other art. I need to drag the sketchbook back out and try to do more in it again. At least work on sketching out new scenes or something.

Game Summary:
I haven't played much Okami since that one day last week. I don't feel super bad about it, but knowing it's a Thing I Want To Get Done, I know I need to keep at it to get it done. I have less than 10 beads left. I finished Waku shrine and need to get the beads that all unlocks. Hopefully I can get 9 and 10 now. I dont know why this save didn't have them, but another one did. Other than that, I haven't made any progress on other Games to Complete.

Anime Summary:
I've finished Space Brothers! They left it on a bit of a cliff-hanger, but not such a terrible one that I hate where it ended, just would like to have more. I haven't picked what anime to start next. None have really grabbed my attention yet, but there's a few live action series on Netflix I would like to do too, so one of them i watched like two more episodes of, and another have about one episode left. I'm worried about not finishing them before they get removed, so I might focus on those while I still hem and haw about the next anime to watch.


I think this is a rather good idea. Doing a Bi-Monthly Review. Like the 15th and last day of the month. A good little summary thing. 

2/15 Goals

Feb. 15th, 2017 10:05 am
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I feel like I have a lot I want to get done, and no idea how to do it all. Trying to not be grumpy, but my throat hurts for no REAL REASON aksjdals and it's raining and chilly. ALSO OMG SO FUCKING ITCHY I TOOK ALLERGY PILL WHY LKSJDFLDSKJFSD

   - Finish the coding, start messing with image background non-sense
Today is an Art day.
- Either work on the watercolor
   - doodle some more scenes or characters out in the sketchbook
House Chores
   - Clean the kitchen. It's gotten rather gross.
   - Take out boxes and paper. It's a huge pile DO IT
   - Grocery store. Need dinner and lunch stuff. And Bananas.

Not sure what else. But if I can actually mark all these off, today will have been and productive.

11:44am: Took some of the trash out, and started the CSS stuff. Right now I am doing the background image. I have it in and sized, but I need to get the repeating to stop and want it centered. After that, .clearfix h1 color, comment box color, .forum-posts p color. I'm going to take a break and do something else for a bit, so those are my reminder notes.

8:30pm: still have not read that blog post. Did a tiny bit of water color, feeling like I've definately vered into "im now ruining this", but going to continue on. I at least want it to be a FINISHED piece. Ruined or not.

I think I've done all the CSS stuff I had planned for the day?? so yay me???


Feb. 15th, 2017 08:39 pm
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  - do someting about the boarder around the comments
  - that green color in text still
  - VILLAGER: NAME  text at the top

Watch a movie on CR

Work out

10:20am: I showed what I had so far for the person, and they wer really impressed and liked it! It makes me feel good about it! Even though I look at it and go "ugh so much needs to be done" they see how fantastic it is. (This is why a second pair of eyes is always great to have)

Hubs is home rather sick today, so my whole mojo is thrown off. I'm gonna do my best to keep it in check and get stuff done, but I don't want to make too much noise for him.

12pm: hubs has a low grade fever and still feels like shit. I'm starting to get a little panicky and worried over it. I don't know how much more CSS I'll manage for the day.

7:43pm: certianly did not do more CSS, but because lunch then doctors, then just chilling. Also did not watch any anime, but I moved up all the movies to the top of the queue so I might start one tomorrow.


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