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Feeling very grumpy this morning. There's a winter storm coming in, and I went to the grocery store yesterday, TELLING MY HUSBAND that I was ONLY GETTING STUFF FOR TONIGHT since he said he was going out ALSO that evening, and for him to get stuff for the weekend. HE DID NOT!

He only got some munchie stuff, and like NOTHING ELSE TO STOCK UP!

So I had to go again this morning, and it was just as packed as yesterday, and now even MORE stuff is gone and like wtf. Why couldnt he have grabbed more stuff when he was out shopping. Grumble.

With QA work, I had been skimping on doing OSX/Safari testing, because 1) I dont really have a mac, and need to use my husbands 2) forget/cant borrow his cellphone, and I think someone else on the team has one anyway so. The Owner wants to go over/update the list of devices that I"m testing on, which probably should have been updated when the other QA person left, since I don't have a lot of those lol


I dont know what Im going to say, and I'm worried about being found as a fraud or not doing well enough or something. I dont like anger and disappointment. I'm just gonna have to deal with it though aren't i?

grumpy and anxious, what a combo to be.

I think I'll play games till noon, eat lunch and then do some QA work.  
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So I was telling hubs about my sads, and he started looking up anime groups, and there's a con 2 hours away over new years, but I'm already scheduled to work, said I would work, and don't want to have them scramble to find replacements, on a KNOWN BUSY DAY, THAT WE HAD TO SIGN UP TO SAY WE WOULD DO  and he was saying "fuck em, just dont go" and like, no?????? I might be quitting, but the people there have actually done me no wrong, and rather great in terms of everything, so I'm not going to just royally screw them over to go to a con where I know almost no one, to meet people I wont ever meet again and have a hard time bonding with anyone.

sorry you cant understand that :/

it was a fight
he got mad at me
and I'm miffed

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Went to go try tthe gathering foot I got a while ago, to find out I dont have the right shank on my sewing machine, so it won't work right (i can probably get the right one I need) and still don't know what to do with the some fabric I want to make a skirt from (was at first going to make a dress, but coulnd't find white fabric that matched, no matter what, so turning it into a skirt) and I don't know what kind of shape to make the skirt, or how to draft one that will work since it's kinda heavy and stretchy and I Don't want to mess it up with something this dumb because it's "good fabric".

So this is leading me to get frustrated and feel like a failure in anything I try to do. I ask facebook what I should do with it, and people just don't answer the question and reply with stuff that 100000% is useless to me. "it should be a dress!" no, that's not what I am doing, and I would still have the same issue OF WHAT TO MAKE THE BOTTOM PART TO BE AS! SAME ISSUE! YOU HAVE BEEN USELESS

Just adding to my frustation and knowledge that I cannot get help for anything I ask for when I ask for it, because people just dont????

I get so tired of trying to do something and and getting no where or nothing back. All I can do is try to press forward I suppose???? and not feel like im drowning ><


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