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While I feel like today hasn't been productive, it actually has been overall. Just half the stuff I did was not satisfying in a work sense, so it feels like nothing was really gained. 
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Most of my sewing stuff fits under the King Bed! Hooray! My art supply box does not, however. I do have an extra long comic box that I could put the stuff in, an THAT goes under the bed, but I don't really want to keep my supplies in that box forever. I dont think the sewing machines will fit, but I I can just pile one of them in the corner, and I think the other one will fit.

I have some odds and ends left; the box of comics I want to sell, a few more sewing bits, and things like that, I need to finish sorting and cleaning up. Then it's time to straighten up the bookshelf in that room, and not have it look like such a cluttered mess, after that I'm going to tackle some more of the boxes in the closet and the pile of misc boxes near the book shelf, which I'm pretty sure will just stay there.

I don't know what my cat is going to do. She sleeps under that Queen Bed, and the room is kind of "her room", but I imagine our guest will probably have his door closed most of the time.. he might have to leave it open for her. I don't think she'll put up with being shut out from her room.

Eventually I will be done with cleaning and sorting this room, and I won't have anything productive to procrastinate with lol 


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