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it's too late to start school right now anyway????? Like the semester started, it's been weeks now. Even if you decided on something TODAY (which be honest, is not something that was going to happen) There is only So Much you could do about it. Independant research.

You know what some of your weaknesses and faults are. You've been trying to work on them. (Maybe a little poorly, but it's only been like two weeks, and half of that you were trying to clean and prepare for someone to stay here)

Work harder on your weakness. You know what it is, and it's "new leaf, new me" time again. But it's not JUST you. It's a thing you are trying to do together. Work hard, you can do this. Make that schedule a little tighter. Work hard, and then maybe come next semester (or next year) you'll actually be doing REGULAR GOOD ARTING and then you can, ya know, finish a degree in it, or start trying to get some jobs somewhere for it. IDK. Art is a hard thing to do for a living, but whatelse do you think you can do???


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