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No one is really sure who or why they started to decide white, lithe unicrons were better than the others; after all, a unicorn was unicorn. Brown spotted ones where no less magical, hulking black no less majestic. But slowly there arose a worship-sect that put the dainty white unicorns as pure, Good, and the best above the others.

whoever began this, their ideologies started to spread to others, and the poison the breathed infected how people began to view their benevolent forest guardians. The more white one had, the better it was. Of course a Pure White Unicorn was a rare sight to have, but so were a solid of any other color, or specific designs patterns.

All unicorns guarded the forest and the creatures that lived there. It wasn't unheard of to walk into the woods and find 3 or 4 of them, lounging about, grazing on leaves or twigs. If you brought them apples, they might let you approach and grant you a favor. Lead you to a good patch of herbs or berries, nimbler hands (for a time) to complete a task, or even some game to hunt with their permission. But woe was you you irked their warth. Hunters were weary to lay traps or loose arrows where the shrubs where a little extra thick or green; unicorns were not ones for blood shed of their fellow creatures, and even worse would you happen to injure one!

The unicorns had no fear of people, as much as people thought they liked the forest and the gentle songs of the birds, the unicorns would often walk around the center of town, or loiter at fences and doors looking for treats or rubs. All unicorns were magical, and peaceful.

When the White Purity rhetoric reached the hamlet of Lark Springs, many of the villagers actually ignored it. Most of the pressure came from Dolint Town, a few miles up the road. People of Lark Springs would mostly keep to themselves, if they could help it, but Dolint was where actual shops were, and people from other near by small villages and hamlets came to trade or seek other services, so many of the craftsmen and merchants had to go to Dolint to seek work. They were the first ones to bring back word about the new worship-sect and their Paige.

Slowly the local lords, magistrates, and some of the ragged guard become to take these ideas to heart. {pipolis} tenats described unicorns and their influence on the world, ranking them from Pure Good and Order to Pure Chaos and Evil. The more white a unicorn had, the more goodness it provided to the world, and the more non-white and muddy colors one had, such as browns, the more confusion it brought. Black however, was the worst and not only did it brign out confusion, it was the cause of all pain and suffering. Brown might mean you stub your toe, black meant it was cut off. There was nothing to prove such a theory, but none the less, as those with power in the region began to follow Pipolis, the unicorns were chased out from the streets more and more.

Dolint was not fully under Pipolis ideas, so there were still some, and killing a unicorn, regardless of color, was still highly regraded as A Stupid and Very Bad thing to do. Never mind the bad luck you would get from doing so, the villagers in the whole area would seek justice for the fallen {guardian}. The unicorns where not out right hunted, but certianly chased by whips and dogs to be out of sight.

In Dolint anyway.

Lark Spring still very much loved their unicorns, but they had gotten weary from their treatment and started to stay more to their woods and glens. It was easy enough to spot them if you went for a stroll though.

Jaden was not a boy anymore, but still not a man. He had a full list of chores to do, many things to take care of, but still lacked the burden of courting or having a family, for another few years anyway. He lovedd picking through bushes to see the gleaming spiraled horns in the sun as he found a pack of unicorns idling in a clearing. Ando, the unicorn that looked almost like two stuck together, browns in the front and whites in the back, galloped {another word for bored} in between the others, hoping to get one of them to chase. Meline was nearly all black, save for her front right leg, which was half white. She was well along in her pregnancy, and was not in any mood for playing. she knickered  whenever he got too close.

something something something?????/

Stuff about Jaden's folks not liking the guards that skulked around Lark Spring, being that they felt there was no need for armed enforces in the sleepy hamlet. Almost every issue was resolved with the gaggle of town elders, Ellen, Tomis, Juit, and Felur. Those men just made everyone jumpy and nervous.

So Jaden takes issues with the guards, calling them out, and it appears that the guards that are patrolling around are Pipolis sect! They would chase the unicorns out of the hamlet streets if they could and not get so much flack from the residents.

jaden very dislikes one guar din particular, and learns he wants to "take care of"  the black unicorn before it can birth more evil and corruption in the world.

Jaden, worried, begins his own regular patrols through the forest and looking for Meline. One day he he finds her, but while still hidden in the bushes, watches an arrow fly through the air and strikes Meline in the throat. She whines and collapses, kicking at the air. The Guard comes into view and approahces her, trying to get enough of a view to finish her off. Jaden in rage, pulls out of knife and charges the man, trying to stab him in his back/side but with little success, The man turns to jaden and pins him to ground, here he starts punching and then chocking the boy. Jaden grabs a second knife and plants it in the mans throat. The man collapses over and Jaden gets up and pleads to Meline, coaxing her to give birth to the foal, knowing there isn't much hope for her.

He takes the foal and makes a run for it to his family's barn.

Despite having killed a man, jaden is not foung guilty over it. The magistate, while Pipolis, still has some sense about him, and the fact that a guard had gone and killed a beloved unicorn of the hamlets out in the woods would not end well. the case finally ruled as self defense, and no actions would be taken against the boy, however, now every guard is looking for an excuse to get a hold of the boy, and even find the foal.

Word countin the story: 776


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