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I put in my two week notice at work. I'm kind of sad about it; I do really like a lot of my coworkers, and it's really not that bad of a job, but as I've said before, I'm getting a little overly stressed, my feet are hurting too much afterwards, and there are times I just want to cry and scream at the end. The job does NOT PAY ENOUGH to deal with any of it.

I'm trying to decide if I want to try and befriend an 18-year-old there or not. She's seems rather fun, but IDK. I hope I get a bit more shifts with her and then we can go from there.


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I'm ready to quit my movie theater job. The last few days has been really busy, and I just want to scream and cry by the end of my shift, which is not in any way someone should be when leaving their MINIMUM WAGE JOB OMGGGG

I know it's the busy season/period, but stiillllll I was just dreading going in. And I'm so tired of my feet hurting. I'm going to research some podiatrist and find one to talk to. While I might not NEED surgery immediately, I feel like it's something I will probably need down the road, and so kind of want to do it while we have rocking insurance. But yeah, tired of my feet just hurting, not from being on them all day, but being in shoes all day and then my bunionettes being in pain. Like done.

The person I was trying to make friends with the other day was at work when I was, and I felt like they were kind of avoiding me, Like never came over to say hi, and hasn't really been responding to my texts. I'm going to try another few times in the the next week or so, and then give up. I wouldn't mind being the one reaching out all the time to initiate hanging out if they actually responded, but seeing as they are doing neither.....

There's another person at work that might be a nice friend, but they're like 10 years younger than me and ~.~ Don't really want 18 year olds as my only friends??? Husband had suggested going back to school, but when I took that class at SMC I was like "omg everyone here is so young" so I wouldnt be getting away from the 18 year old friend there either.

I'm not really sure what to do. Now that a lot of the election stuff has calmed down, I might try reaching out to the Repub friend, but IDK.

I'm going to (try) to talk to a manager and put my two week notice in at end of shift Thursday. It'll depend on how hectic it is and whats going on, but I don't think it'll be too bad, compared to Christmas or the day after.  (Or new years, that weekend)

I've lasted longer than I had at Macy's, so yay?? Just a month longer though. I guess about 6 months is my limit for how long I can stand working on my feet part time dealing with customers all day. 
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We're packing this evening for the long trip to my folks, and I have to keep wondering "what else to bring" and like I have some pants and regular shirts, but do I want a skirt?? am I really going to wear skirt?? I have very limited 'chilly weather" clothing too, so I'm hoping the hoodie I'm bringing will be enough lol ITS BEEN TOO LONG

Welp, we're leaving in the morning, and if I dont have I guess I dont have it (or can go buy it or something) 


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