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The other night I had looked up some acutal jobs, instead of the list of like.. degree titles or areas of work like the other list is more. My computer had reset though and I didn't save the list, so this is just what I could remember, but I think this is most of it.

event planner
toll booth collector
home inspector
cable installation (TWC/comcast)
grocery store
power plant operator

I know some of them I will most likely not want to do, but it's on there as something to look into, because maybe I don't hate it enough and it gives me money and regular hours and time for myself, which is what will really make you happy.
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The previous post was looking for sort of education and what jobs are related to it, and now it's going for job listings and see what sort of requirements they have.

Medical Office Assistant - accredited Medical Administrative Assisting program; Associates/bachelor in business or related field, CMA (Certified medical assistant), a lot of them seem to want 2 years of expereince already doing these jobs.

Medical Billing - Cerified Professional Coder (CPC), AHIMA or AAPC member, various years of experience in a medical office,

Ofice Admin - look into universities and colleges,

goverment jobs:
country clerk, post office, Dept of Public Safty, Sec. Of State, Dept of Transportation,
asst town clerk  - bachelors in communications, marketting, Poli Sci or related.

Accounting - Would not enjoy.
Bookkeeping - too similar to accounting?

Animal Care and Management - does not meet desired requirements.  (Desk job)
Funeral Services - does not meet desired requirements.
Real Estate - would not like being a real agent, however asst or leasing manager might be do-able.

Office Admin - business, governemtn, industry.
Office Admin/Legal - corporate legal or private practices, incl. real estate and estate planning, city, state and fedarl fov't offices.
Office Admin/Virtual Office Asst. -
Financial services - banks, insurance companies, brokerage firms, pension and benefit companies, realty firms, mortgage companies, etc.
Library and information tech - library, media, learning resources, information or instructional materials center, or organizations engaged in library-related activities.
Legal Assistant
data entry/indexing

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I got the stuff I wanted done today! Horray!

Tomorrow is the craft meet, hopefully someone will show me some knitting. Maybe.

I would also like to clean the living room, the very least. Pick up, vacuum.

More art work, always more artwork as I hardly spend time on it, so it's always there.

And of course, QA! QA will be more mid-afternoon than when I normally start, but the flexibility is one reason I do rather like this job.

I've thought about my movie theater job; like is it worth having? I get paid squat and have so little hours... but if I go back school, it'll be nice??? Since it's only ever one day a week it seems, and free movies.

I still don't know what I want to look into for a job. I had an idea of maybe animation for marketing; I talked with a friend who does marketing, and picked her brain some on it.

Her Advice:
Smaller companies, anywhere between 1 and 3 people working on something, depending on deadline. So Will need to know how to do it all, and fiarly well. (However, those videos she showed for examples, looked like I Could handle it all.)

Look at the advertising and marketing companies around, newspapers?? see what industry they are in (or mostly work with) and tailor the portfilio to fit that.

Check out some fav artist, collect images, animate their logo for a 30sec piece, pro-bono work,

HAND DELIVER the portfolio. DONT JUST EMAIL IT IN. They probably get a lot of people emailing them. They are small companies, bringing it in makes a big impression. (CD, business card)

Advertising Theory, Advertising psycology, marketing theory - Advertising classes for stuff to apply to the art. "it seems to be rarer and rarer to find a graphic artist with a firm understanding of campaign principles and having a firm theory behind their approach"

Portfolio carries more weight than a degree.


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