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I really want a new Best Friend. I had a few back in my home town after college, and we would always hang out, and randomly come over and be wide open with each other and I loved it. There were three people, two were girls, and the 3 of us would often do something together, and would just go to each other's place and just do whatever. The thrid was a guy who I hung out with a lot. I had one friend from high school that I was still close to, but she moved to a different town about an hour south, So I wasn't able to see her very often. Then I moved to my current city, and it's changed a lot. It's taken me a while to even make new friends. I've been trying to find a new BFF type friendship like I had back at my home town, but I have had some terrible luck in that so far. Distance is a terrible factor in all this; if we aren't physically close enough to just pop over at a moment's notice, I don't think it will blossom very well. Good Friend status can be attained, but not that "hey I'm bored, let me come be bored at your house" level. 
There were two people I was hoping this could have happened with, but one has moved for a job, and another had made it known she has no intent of staying in Austin on a perminant basis. Double bust. There's a lot of potentional with someone else, and currently the plan is looking nice; she lives down the street from me, and even stated interest in coming over to just hang out, in the "let me be bored at your house" type of thing. I'm a bit concered on interests, and how well they will mesh. There's currently only two out of like... 5 I'm aware of that we have similar. Games, anime/manga, or drawing will need to appear, outside of lolita and sewing for this to work, as those other three are much larger and important to me than those two. She doesn't even nessiarily need to LIKE or be terrible interested in any of them, just enough to be willing to follow along and watch/read stuff with me relating to those. All except my first BFF had at least two of those three things in common with me, with enough interest to not be bored when I talked aobut the other things. I will live if I never do lolita or sewing again, I think I will shrivel and die if any of the other three are removed. (I have taken breaks from those in recent years, the items not being as prevent in day-to-day activities) 
I don't know why it wouldn't work though. I do really enjoy hanging out with her, and I assume she does with me as well. Time will tell, and it will work or not work. I hope it can be made well enough before we move to a house, outside of Austin. I do plan to be in the city pretty much every day if not every other. I'm just a brat and hate to have relationships disolve. 


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