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Japanese Titles
Angel Sanctuary v1-20 COMPLETE
Hot Gimmick v6
Wanderland  v1
MPD Psycho v1
Ghost Talker Daydream v1-6
Kerokero Gunso v1
CRIMSON series v1-3
Friends like a Lover
Manhattan Love Story
The Imprisoned Prince

English Titles
Last Fantsasy v1,2,3,5
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It's going to be harder than I thought getting out the manga volumes I want to sell. I think I'm going to pick up another comic long box and transfer one box to another. I think I'm going to start them at $3 a volume, OBO for stuff. I just kind of want them gone. There's some titles I am like "NO! I WANT TO KEEP THIS!" but I need to be practical, I am not going to read them or look at them. They're in Japanese. You've given up on trying to learn it.

So here's the list of stuff I want to sell. I'm going to sell them based on title before I like divide them for individual sale.

English Language Titles:

  • Beck  v2-8,10,12 (Mongolian Chop Squad i think is the English title)

  • Cromartie High School v1

  • Descendants of Darkness v4

  • Fairy Tail v 1 – 11, 16, 18, 21,22,23,25-27, 29-36,

  • Model v1-7 (complete)

  • Only The Ring Fingers Knows

  • Only the Ring Finger knows: the ring finger falls silent  (novel)

  • Rave Master v1

Japanese Language Titles:

Most of these were bought at used bookstores in Japan.

  • Friends like a Lover (one shot)

  • Manhattan Love Story (one shot)

  • The imprison Prince (one shot)

  • Crimson/Crimson Crown/Crimson Chaos (3 volumes)

  • Wonderland (one shot?)

  • Hot Gimmick v6

  • Angel Sanctuary (complete, v1-20)

  • Ghost Talker Daydream (v1-6)

  • Kero Kero Gunso v1

  • Count Cain series (count cain, Kafka?, CC: godhand)

I am worried that like nothing will sell though. That will be the worst.


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