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 breakfast was pb toast and raisins 

Lunch was apple chicken sausage and tots

had a slice of cake 


Apr. 17th, 2017 01:30 pm
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Breakfast as PB toast and raisins  

had half a granola bar

lunch was McDonald's 10 piece nuggets, med fries, and strawberry black iced tea. 

Dinner was chicken potato tacos.

Hubs convinced me to go grab cake mix, so we had some cake after dinner.
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morning was a chai latte and pb toast with raisins.

 lunch around noon was a sandwich and chips, and some strawberry black iced tea.

Dinner was chicken and rice in a tortilla, and a salad. 

No symptoms! Although did feel kinda tired and dragging most of the day, but part of that might be heat related, it got to 80 today.
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cups of water drank
water cup iconwater cup iconwater cup iconwater cup icon
 9:30am: breakfast is pb toast and raisins, with a cup of tea.

12-ish: large chai latte and a crossant

lucnh was a soup at like 2 or 3

dinner at 7 was at Totopos and was tacos, chips, and a Margarita. 

No symptoms all day, however I did over eat a bit I think, and there was some burb up going on, but it's calmed down now
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Food: Peanut butter toast and raisins, my morning vitamins  , and some water

food:turkey sandwich, chips, and milk

no symptoms yet. Just feel kinda hungry again. 

Had a granola bar at some point, and then dinner!

6pm dinner: chicken and brown rice. 

No symptoms as of 9pm
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Food: Cinnamon Toast
Chai latte and cinnamon roll
Turkey sandwich and tomato basil soup.

No symptoms seen yet today as of 1:55pm.

3:30pm 1/3 of a sugar cookies with frosting on it. My energy level just felt so low even after taking a nap, I wanted some sugar to help get my pep back. 

6pm Dinner was shreded chicken and some potatoes in a tortilla, with a salad. I had two lavender macarons with a glass of milk like 2  hours later. No symptoms till this point.

Symptoms: Then around 9 I decided on a second glass of milk, and some back aches started. They felt a tad lower than the other day, and closer to my hips, so I am using a heat pack on them and it is helping. <- I'm pretty sure this is uterus related pain, judging by the amount of blood coming out. 
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Food: Potato bread, peanut butter, and raisins.

Symptoms: 8:55am - stomach kind of crampy feeling. errr rather crampy and I have to go to the bathroom urgently.
9:37am: went poop, laid down. The back pain eased up some to like a 1-2. The pain is about mid back, and my intestines feel a bit squeezed as well. The backpain is about a 4 when I get up and move around. I'm going to try to eat some food and see if it helps.

Food: snacking on a granolla bar. Crucnhy peanut butter bar . 
Symptoms: mid back still hurts. Trying to eat so my stomach might stop hurting. Back is still a 4 to 5ish. pain is more on the left side of the spine

12:12pm: food: eating sandwich of potato bread, pickles, mayo, turkey,
1:42pm: symptoms: no symptoms, back pain has gone down and not noticable at all. I do feel a bit hungry still, and want to eat more, but no pains. 

3:55pm: had a mug cake thing. As of 4:20pm, still no symptoms like this morning.
6:30pm: Dinner was salad of spinach/mixed greens, very butter mashed potatoes, and baked chicken.
8:50pm Symptoms: None so far

pain scale: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/coping-403768-5.html
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This last week has been a bit weird. I've had some awful pains that may or may not be uterus related, or food related. They all seemed to have happened after eating, so I feel a bit suspect, but not 100% convinced kind of thing. The best thing seems to be to start taking note of what I eat and when, and then when and what types of symptoms I'm getting. I think I'll track my water intake here as well.

I head home from my trip today. I don't think I'll do intense tracking today. Partially because I know a meal is going to be at the airport, and I'm already in pain this morning.

Food: So to start, this morning I went and got a venti chai latte with 2 pumps mocha and a slice of banana nut bread. While drinking this for the 30 to 60 minutes nothing seemed to happen.

Symptoms: After I had drank some I had to start repacking my bag, so I was up and moving around. The pain began to creep in into my lower-mid back. Not quiet at the hips when I get period cramping. I do also have an urgency need to go to the bathroom, which seemed to help a bit with the pain, but it took it from like 5.5/6ish to like a 3-4. The pain increases when I'm standing and moving, but sitting with my back leaning against something, it eases up. I've taken some Ibu for it, and trying to hold off on busting out the heatpack. I think I would rather have that for the flight.

Food: We went to a buffet for lunch, so I had a variety of things, which did include cheese as well. Two pizza cheese stick things, some cheesy turkey casserole, and some cheese on a taco thing. 

Symptoms: My back has not fully recovered from this morning, however I spent a couple of hours sitting/reclining and it had gone down to about a 2 I guess. It's still currently about there right now. Since it's just a bit after lunch, there hasn't been enough time for other symptoms to really appear yet. I did finish packing my bag, so I don't anticipate much moving around until I leave for my flight. 2:15pm
My back pain had increased about 1:30ish? I do feel hungry and eating some peanut buttebutter crackers. There is a bit  of nasuea going on. It all feels more uterus related than food, but I don't know.

Food: Or some time like that. At the airport I had eaten some snicker bites, a plain chicken sandwich from chick fila, half a can of sprite, and some gingerbread type cookie. 

Symptoms: My symptoms seemed to have calmed because of the heatpack, but my stomach has felt like an off mess, I think mostly all from flying. I've since taken the heatpack off and some lower back pain has started coming back.

I asked my friend about lactose intolerance and heatpacks helping relieve the pain, and she said she does not believe it would, so it was most likely just some dumb activated back pain/cramping from eating too much or other such dumb shit. 

Pain scale used: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/coping-403768-5.html


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