Jul. 21st, 2017 09:32 am
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shower - wash hair
groceries for dinner! Pork pot roast thing???
- restart an account
- go through long list of stuff - see notebook and PT tabs


Also gotta like do dishes and take the trash out at some point too. 


Jul. 19th, 2017 11:17 pm
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 Go through pt bugs; Bing producer/devs as needed
Start apron 
Work out 
Get tasks for the week
Emote for zanzer

11am: i mean, i went through some stuff yeterday and wrote down things to look at for the next week. I might have to ping the producer and have him help me with these things. I dont really get what sort of stories they want me to write up and keep track of... because everything I'm doing is pretty much 1) checking that stuff is in as it should be 2) writing up bugs and checking those. So I don't know what sort of NEW stories I need to write for myself???? These kinds of things leads me to thinking I'm not suited for lead roles too.

I worked out a bit, but it was a lot of back stuff which started to hurt a bit much, so I went through like 2 sets?? 

I also got a first test of the emote done, so i'm waiting on feedback. Someone I did some work for also hit me up with a question, but didnt state what the question was @.@ 

I'm not sure what to do with myself... I should really start my arpon... I've been putting it off... 

3:30pm: man I do not want to work on the apron lol sigh 


Jul. 18th, 2017 11:09 am
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 I have no idea what to do today. Auuughhhh I feel a bit blah. 

I guess I should make some goals to try and get done...

Hem the brown skirt
Measurements for apron (might have to wait till hubs gets home)

Panels for hubs
See what TeeN needed 

Grocery store AGAIN - Since i forgot milk last night ~.~
clean?? ?????

12pm: i need to do part of the hem by hand I think... but i'm not gonna mess with it right, so the skirt is pretty much done now! yay! 


Jul. 16th, 2017 09:01 pm
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 work out
look into making the fabric to stop puckering
put zipper in

cut out waistband
interface waistband
attach waistband

cancel TWC internet
go over bills


11:30am:  Whew! Rolled out of bed a tad later than desired, but the pug didnt need out until then, so whatever. Calling to cancel the twc internet was actually pretty easy. I remember it being a bit of a challenge when we moved from CA, but it took like a total of 15 minutes or something between hitting dial and hanging up. I do feel like the fabric I got for the orphanage dress is a bit lighter than I wanted, but um.... just gonna roll with it. I'll finish it and see how I feel about it and decide if I need to redo it with new fabric or not. I do feel like it's a bit light in terms of fabric weight and color. First cosplay, not gonna worry about it too much. 

Working out this morning was a huge challenge for me!! It was just hard to do; between my hair bouncing around and for some reason it just felt a tad harder to breath. But I made it through. Yay. 

I've got the zipper done on the cosplay, and taking a break before I start the waist band. I dont know if i'll get to hemming it tonight or not. Now maybe I'll finally vacuum after like 3 weeks @.@
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 my goals mostly today is to just sew. SEW SEW SEW!!

Finish bat plsuhie
make mock of half circle skirt; will it actually fit my hips?
if it's fine, make the brown skirt for reals. 
Start the apron then?

I really should work out >< 
Cat cafe?

Maybe some living room re-arrangement? at least with wires. 

I dont know what else, the sewing should take a decent amount of time up. 


Jul. 15th, 2017 09:58 am
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more Qa work! never ending!
finish 2nd bat
write up mid-month review/mid year review
Play more Odin Sphere


Jul. 13th, 2017 09:48 pm
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 um qa stuff. See notebook and opened tabs on laptop
 finish bats!!!
get gingerale
dinner for hubs

wash baron

11:30am Yeah! Went out and got all my errands done, came home and washed the pug. Got a bit of time before I start hubs dinner, and then going to do my QA work. I havent been working as much on my sewing as I would have liked to, but it is coming a long I want to finish the two bats I have started before I start on my cosplay pieces. The bats will probably be done this weekend. 


Jul. 12th, 2017 06:33 pm
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get new tasks for QA
pay IRS bill
$%&*$ bubble for Zanzer  awaiting his approval
work on overlay thing - finish up the brush version, do a simple clean one. 
finish leopard bat
grocery shopping?
@ 4pm - go to lobby. Sign up for fiber

2:30pm: man.. slow start to the day. Slept in later than I normally do which threw me all off. I started working on another overlay, but could not get away from the brush stuff. The guy seemed to like it though; not that he gave me much feedback. I'm trying to find out if he likes it As It Is, so I can give him the assets at a good size, or make tweeks. While waiting on that, made a quick bubble with some #$% in it, and waiting on zanzer's feedback on that. 

I guess I'll figure out new tasks for the week; I dont want to be too far from the computer so I can respond quickly to either person. 


Jul. 11th, 2017 07:22 pm
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 QA work
- 3 hours!!!
- broad general testing
- look for more account error bugs

Brown skirt sewing!! (or bats??)
#$*& ZT dog twitch emote for hubs
work out

No seriously, get some sewing done. Nearly all the fabric is gathered (minus white apron fabric) so you got a lot to do. Do it.

12:30pm: got through an hour of QA work. Doing some art stuff. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. TWO PEOPLE have hit me up TODAY for twitch stuff. Going to set up a commission and example pages for that stuff I think. Since I didnt discuss or list pricing with these two people first, I dont think I'll charge them unless they ask about it. 

Then im going to do another hour of QA work, and then do some plushie sewing, to test out the singer. 

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QA work - see notebook
Gyno Appt
Brown skirt - half circle skirt

7:30am: taco decided I need to be up early, and I couldnt go back to sleep so I started my QA work. But then I realized I had a question on how to handle the bug stuff, so I have to wait until I get an answer back for that. But I got part of my stuff done, looking into repro steps for how a thing happens. 

Since i know i'll be super tired later today, I dont know if I'll start working on the brown skirt today, or it might be super late today. 

OMG i actually got an answer from the guy 3 hours behind my time lol 

11am i have worked out and showered! talked a bit with a friend and she's like "you dont have to stop, why not just go back to the patch that you liked so far?" so I think I will. Like it makes sense?? I can just... not for a bit. I mean, i know my periods are not great, and I feel like they hurt more than they should for someone my age (as reading some things, but im not sure how right they are) 

Ah well, this dread will be over soon enough and then I dont have to think about it anymore, right?

7pm: dusted before the appointment and a headache started (sinus pressure, it's changed to other types of headches through the day) did my appointment. She's a great dr so IDK what i was freaking out about. Had a headache like ALL DAY so I have not sewn or done much.


Jul. 9th, 2017 09:52 pm
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 Call Archies - no i dont have a spool holder cap, yes I have a normal shank and foot.
Finish boob?
brown skirt pattern
groceries - chicken


3:30pm: Rather crazy morning! hung out around the house, then to the appointment, since it's most likely hormonal and I havent really done anything, she said to try some specific products, and see how it is in 3 months. So After my appointment I went to do that, but people were texting me/sent me FB messages (when I said to text me!!!!!) so that stressed me out some, and then got gas, and then my machine and I failed at bringing my checkbook or cash orz luckily they were like "we can just write you a bill and you mail it to us" so I did that, and then lunch with friend!! THhat was good, then the grocery store, and then grabbing smoothies so I was out of the house for like 3-4 hours. But I feel in a super good mood right now. 

I still have to bring my sewing machine up from the car though; it was too heavy to take holding two smoothies and groceries. Sometime this week I'll start sewing the brown skirt and apron. 


Jul. 8th, 2017 10:45 pm
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wake hubs up at 9
grocery store

bathe pug
do some drawing practice
grab package from office
go to library??? cameron vllage one 
start some knocker
making - i need to know how much yarn to make a pair, to be sure I have enough for when mom visits
MAKE PATTERN FOR brown SKIRT - dont just wing it! (or find one) (make skirt monday/tuesday)

Start game playing at 7 or 8? Odin Sphere! 

9:41pm: hahaha i got most of my stuff done. I was pretty tied most of the day. I finished one knocker and started a second. Probably going to have to order more yarn if mom wants to do something larger than a B cup. 

The fabric I got in... eggshell is a bit more cream than I wanted for my aprons... but I only got enough to do one (im pretty sure anyway) so I'll just order White for the iconic dress one, and use this one for the orphanage outfit. 


Jul. 7th, 2017 11:44 am
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I think i’m just gonna bum today, other than doing some QA work through the day, but I dont think I’ll have any Major Goals today. I dont have my sewing orders yet, so I can't work on those (and I have my singer in the shop) 

There's artwork I can work on, and probably should, but at the same time, just hanging out all day sounds good too!!! 

 12:30 i really hate how my face looks. Like i want to rip my skin off i hate it so much. This acne isnt healing, it's leaving a ton of marks. I should have called way sooner, but I thought it was getting better, but no, now i Have like half a dozen or more red spots, and some other darker spots that arent going away. It makes me cry and hate myself fuck this shit


Jul. 5th, 2017 09:14 pm
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I want to focus on art stuff. Yesterday ended up being chores, coffee with a friend, and reorganizing my crafting space, as the shelving had come. 

Work out
get QA tasks
pug nails done

Personal stuff
Finish the skirt! - hem, iron pleats  (not ironing the pleats)
More emotes
Watercolor stuff
Finish the little black cat piece (White paint) 


Jul. 5th, 2017 09:45 am
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 SO I half accomplished what I wanted to yesterday? 

I did some emote work, and then we went to lunch late, after that I went to joanns to get a zipper I forgotten when i was ordering everything, and was like "ya know, lets make more skirts for myself" and was just going to get ONE, but instead, this purple and black gingham from the halloween fabric JUST CALLED TO ME so I got that and a grey-purple floral for skirts. (and zippers, and lace for the purple skirt). So I spent the rest of the day pretty much just working on the gingham skirt.

Which leads to today!

House chores:
clean the kitchen
vacuum along the walls
pug nails?

Personal stuff:
Finish the skirt! - adjust width, pocket, hem and waistband.
More emotes
Watercolor stuff
Finish the little black cat piece (White paint) 

Wow looking at this list so far... I feel like its a lot to do! I'm not sure how much I will end up getting done, since it's almost 10 and I still havent eaten yet!

Better go get started on the kitchen some I guess then

2:30pm: i did some more sewing, but it was apparent that the singer DOES REALLY need to be servived, so I took that in. However, the trip out kind of took me out. I came home feeling really light headed and dizzy. A mix of heat and low blood sugar? hard to say. So I spent like an hour  recovering @.@ A friend hit me up to go get coffee in a bit, so I'll be doing that. Just means things get pushed back but I don't mind. Someone had also messaged me like last week about some manga and games, so exciting! Getting rid of them. 


Jul. 4th, 2017 09:05 am
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I woke up feeling really anxious this morning, because I did so little yesterday, and I've been so unproductive the last few days. I dont think the game will work the way we were trying to do it, so might scrap it. Which makes me feel like a failure for giving up on something,  but it's just how it goes??? Going to talk it over with hubs about it. ITS NOT A BIG DEAL! 

Today im gonna try and focus on art. Doing both watercolor stuff, and digital emotes. I'm stalled out on sewing waiting for stuff, (which should be coming this week) but I can do art stuff! And I totally should. 

I've hit a funk for sure, I think it might take me a few days to get out of, for whatever reason. 


Jun. 30th, 2017 06:32 pm
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 Monthly review
clean up sewing room
QA work
scene work
Carmella's garden sketches
grocery store

scene work
emotes/digital art
minifig painting
clean up sewing room
QA work
Carmella's garden sketches
grocery store

Sat 5pm:
hahahahah got like NOTHING i wanted to do today. I ended up going to my friends this morning and helping her move for like 4 hours. my feet and legs are sore, and im trying to decide what I want to do today. I'm just sore and dont want to do anything. 

Sun: 9am: Got so much stuff to do! c/p the stuff I didn't do sat to sun, but not deleting it so I can see how terrible I was lol. I made up and sent off my invoice this morning. My wrist is feeling a bit sore this morning, I was on the laptop yesterday and didnt put my brace on last night ;-; So I'm going to try and do as much as I can that isn't scene work, and then do some this evening or leave it for my Big Thing to do tomorrow. But I gotta get a lot of other stuff DONE today then. 
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Things I have to do:
Bring check to office
QA work
Work out

Things I would like to do:
sketch out Carmella's Garden Pieces to watercolor paper
make changes to paw logo
go through ASL alphabet 5 times

I may or may not being driving up to another city to check out this cafe there. Depending on my friend. 

Weekend goals:
tons of scene work! Can I get one, EVEN TWO completely done??
I wish I could sew on stuff, but I need the stabilizer to arrive first, so that's kind of on hold. 
3 more chapters in the audio book. I should really be done with it by now. 
Carmella's Garden pieces - get some more done.
Lets paint some mini figs! Conan board game!

Hubs is going to be having like a 5day weekend (sat-weds) so I dont know how this is going to be for the rest of the week. I expect it to be kind of crazy. 

8:30am: my friend isnt feeling well this morning, so no cafe! Well, no driving far to that one anyway. I might go to one here and work on scenes for a bit; no internet on the PC, just my phone and work. 

11am: been in a pretty good mood all morning, minus the weird dream. I tried to work on QA stuff while laundry was in the dryer, but my computer crashed once and froze up a bunch and I thought it was gonna crash. It was just impossible to try and work, so instead i'm trying to figure out why it is. So i'm pretty frustrated. 

2:30pm: trying to do some stuff... hoping between emotes, OWT stuff, and qa work. Either my computer or my internet is super slow and lagging. Most likely my computer. 


Jun. 28th, 2017 08:18 pm
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scene work
finish bat body
get new tasks for the week
emote work
get 2nd piece ready for RB
look into lighting things
vacuum hallway wall corners

11am: cat meows at 6, dog gets up at 6:30. I slept in some after coming back, but I am not feeling today. 

4pm: since hubs has some lights from trying to light himself on streaming, but they didnt have umbrella thing on them, i just ordered an umbrella to see if I can some how jimmy-rig it on to one of the lights and see how that works for me.  

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with what I need to do, and like I dont have the skills or knowledge on how to do any of it. 


Jun. 27th, 2017 08:29 pm
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 play with RB store
drop off singer to repair shop
start new H&S scene
Carmella in the rain 

Grocery store

work out

9:30am: omg the cat came meowing at 6 am for someone to play with her, so the dog woke up and had to go outside at that time too. A bit tired this morning to say the least. I'm also sore from the workout yesterday, a mixture of it and not moving around enough im sure hahah. So I dont really want to work out this morning... but i'm gonna try to. Or do it early this afternoon. 

major goals today:
drop off sewing machine
start new scene
grocery store
work out

the rest can happen as they happen, but today will still be a good day if I can get those done.

I was gouing to leave this morning with the machine, but decided to test it to make sure I WAS still having issues, and in the process the people came that are upgrading the internet, so I hung around until that was done, and made myself go to the store. Super tired this morning. I took a nap afterwards, and have felt much better.

I've so far worked on the logo some, and now working on emote requests from hubs. 


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