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I feel very restless this evening. And hungry but not hungry?? I just want to wat but no real reason for eating. Never full really??? but not super hungry at any specific time???

I'm worried I'm going into a depression episode. How blah I feel and nothing exciting or holding my attention really. I wanted to play a game, but no games where what I wanted, I stated a movie, and it wanst very good (in all honesty, it wasn't. Not really what I expected and not something I would watch out of the blue, so that's not a great since). I really want to do something, but I don't know what. Crochet sounds good, but I Don't know what I would make. I wish I had some sort of embroidery image to do, it sounds relaxing and enough of a thing to engage my brain, but also easy enough I could watch some TV listlessly. Something easy for my hands to do.

Tomorrow I have plans to go hang out with someone, so I hope that'll help get me out of the funk. It'll  be important to pick things to do and stick to them, even if takes me a while to do. It's very good. 
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I've come down with a cold my husband had. So far it's not as bad as he had it, but I certainly have a cold. Yesterday was a bit whiny and didn't do much. I do feel a bit "better" overall, not the same amount of ugh. Hubs went to work today, so I have the TV to myself again. Excited for that lol. My weight has gone back up to nearly 140 and I hate it! I've been trying to eat better and work out, but I don't know. If the period pains still occur by the next injection, I might stop. The pain is rather awful, and I'm on BC to NOT be in pain for my period. I'm not bleeding, but the pain is too much still.

I suppose my goal today is to do more CSS reading, and then I have a work meeting tonight. There's not much else I can do. I would work out, but I'd start coughing right away. 
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I think this trip went really well, however, we might have spent a tad too much this Black Friday haha.

it was nice seeing friends for a moment, going to TWO movies, and just hanging out with my parents.

It always feels weird being a guest here, since a lot is the same but also really changed. My old room is a junk/storage room, my brother's is a guest room (I swear it never felt this small before, but maybe that's why the bed was pushed against the wall). There are some changed that were made before I left, but they still don't stick very well.

I'll have to get used to them though, as I'll be back in the summer for a few weeks (or maybe a few times) to help dad index and sell some of his collectionΒ  (our inheritance) before he gets too I'll to get to do it himself. They should be making enough money from other sources that they don't NEED to sell this, but no one other than him really knows about it or the best way to sell them, so better do it now while he's alive and able! and it's more excuses to come see them more. I want to be with my dad more, but I don't really know how to do that.

it was good to see my old cats again. I do really love them and miss them. they are so gorgeous, but it's impossible to try and take them now. they are my parents cats, and my parents live them too.

It was holidays l, so there were some people I didn't see, but to be fair, neither of us reached out to the other.

There is an uncle that I realized just runs me the wrong way which I didn't realize before. a weird know of it all condescending way. like okay sure whatever sorry I'm not ______. ah well.

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Yeah his work is still frustrating him, but he seems like he's in a better mood. Even though we slept really poorly over the weekend, I think the getting away has done his spirit some good.

At least, until I start trying to get him to make his Dr's appointments, and more BS presidental stuff. 
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Today I want to be a rather chill day, tomorrow I'm going to the dentist, taking the dog to the vet (for a regular shot) and maaybbbeee gonna try to do some early voting. And then Thursday is a crafting meet, need to bring yarn and knitting needles, sketch book (there's always someone there who has pens or something I want to play with) and maybe either crochet or ribbon roses again.


  • Sewing

  • Some QA (if requested)

  • DO ART traditional or digital, whatever, MAKE SOMETHING

  • Look up all the stuff I'll be voting on

Busy-busy times out of the house

  • Dentist 11am

  • Grocery store?

  • Vet 2pm

  • Early Voting?

Fun times out of the house?

  • 11-2 craft meet (maybe try and leave at like 1?)

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Grocery Store
Mail card/pay rent

FF/IE compat testing
- at all resolutions

1 simple balloon

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Alright, this weekend isnt a total bust from husband's lack of consideration and respect, but it is feeling pretty rough.

I still need to: Decide on jewelry to wear, to do up or not do up the little witch hat, cut the apples, decide on tights or socks for the outfit.

I think I'm just going to cut the apples up at the event. I have the cheese and grapes all set and ready, but the apples are not done yet; really because I don't want them to brown before getting there. I thought about cutting them up in the morning, but that's still 2-3 hours before they would even be served. Even though I got some lemons, I don't know if it would be fine.

Cutting up the apples at the event.

Socks would require the garter belt or sock glue. Tights are well, tights. I bought some M/L tights in an opaque black. I'm not looking forward to that much pressure overall on my lower abdomen, but the garter glasps will dig into the back of my leg while driving or sitting, and the sock glue, while isnt bad... can hurt after wearing it for a lot of hours. (Not to mention snagging pain) so I will try the tights I haven't even worn yet.

The colors of the outfit are light purple and black. I don't have any light purple ribbon roses though, (or even ribbon for that matter. If I had thought about it more, I could have bought some and tried to make some roses, however if I had planned on making them today, that would have no ended up working). I have some dark purple roses, which I might use with the black ones. They might match my hair? (or I'll end up with 3 different shades or purple, whatever) I still think Im going to do the one or two buns. Which I will put up at the event, so I can actually drive and not strain my neck. (I cant put my head against the rest with buns)

So for Jewelry, I can use the large camero and use it to help pin the blouse to stay up (it likes to slide down in the chest) with maybe the black choker? I got and if I can find both of them, the black wrist cuffs I made last year. I might have some black rose earrings I can use.

I painted my nails in hopes of fitting the color scheme, but I'm feeling like I should have just not bothered. I didn't let them dry enough between coats, so they just keep getting marred.

There was so much I had wanted and needed to get done today, I'm still trying to, but having been up so late with drunk husband is just... infuriating. I had told him I had work the next day, and he totally disregarded it. All the apologies in the world don't make up for the amount of disrepect I've been shown. Repeatedly. I'm trying to not let it ruin the weekend, but I am so tired and kind of don't want to go to the meet, but I'm carpooling with a friend, so I can't bail on her. And I do want to go! But so tired too. So angry this had to happen. Why does it happen when there's stuff I WANT TO DO???

I really think it's time to start some therapy sessions. Single or couples. I don't even know what for, but this is some bullshit.
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I spent most of the day sewing. the underskirt is coming out well. I tired to cheat on making my two tier ruffle, but it's not going to look "right" however, at this point, I dont care. the material is cheap and very see-through, so I'm not going to spend the time to do them the "right way". just getting in practice, and hopefully a semi-usable piece of clothing.

Tomorrow my goals are to work on the ruffle some more, clean and vacuum the bedroom, shower, and maybe some QA work when asked of me.

This evening went by rather fast. Hubs have me a sudden request to make a bunch of cake cookies for his team at work as a bit of a treat; 40 people team. I hope I made enough... (there is def not enough for them each to have two. I would still be making cookies, and we don't really have anything to transport that many in @.@ 🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘🍘)

So I feel like I didn't get an evening. he feels a bit the same. there isn't enough time at night for us. Should look into figuring out how to make it better. Playing with video games the whole time probably doesn't help

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I got very little of what I watned to work on done today. I just felt tired and rather unfocused (But apparently not unfocused enough to get all the candy buckets in panderia in wow -.-;;)

I did manage to make a dentist appointment for myself, and picked two dermatologist for hubs to pick and then try one. (still need to find a good GP though). Neither derma had steller ratings, but it's hard to find any that really do, and you just kinda gotta go and see for yourself. A lot of complaints were about billing, but we have super good insurance, so long as the accept it, I'm not worried about it.

I have work work tomorrow, and I don't know if I want to try to get a DnD gaming going this weekend or not.  I still have a bit I need to check out for the QA job, and then try and figure out how to make these houses actually look nice?? I dont know what I'm doing >< 
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Still feeling a little rough today, but I got stuff to do and have to stop having a pity party.

  • Laundry

  • Ship Manga

  • More QA stuff - go over some HTV stuff, ask about the games at diff resulotions (did she fix it or am I still just not seeing the issue???)

  • Talk to a co-worker about hours at work - is it worth while to talk to someone and be like "can I get more weekday shifts instead of always on the weekend?; think over if there's even a chance I would get more hours when I wont work to closing

  • Get a list of jobs to apply for. Maybe start applying to some.

  • Continue doing background art pieces

Gotta work really hard to not become too apathetic about stuff. I made an honest mistake because I wasn't how or why I was trying to also test this other thing, (I was not ever given much direction in what I am ever doing, and often need to ask a lot of questions to even begin to understand a thing in this project) So yeah, my fault on those things. Will just have to try a little harder.

Also, I'm glad im up so early today, got a random phonecall from the dr's so glad my phone wasnt in the room and disturbing hub's sleep with that. 
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Someone bought some more manga. Once I get their payment I'm gonna head down to the post office and mail it. Always a little excited and sad to let stuff go, but it's time for it to leave. Now to hope people buy the other stuff hahaha

As of right now though, I'm not sure if I want to nap some, or work on something, or play games. I don't really know what to do with myself. I feel a bit listless and a tiny bit anxious (over not doing something)

Like I feel  a little sleepy, but I don't feel like enough to really nap, but I'm also feeling rather lazy and don't want to work on anything. I dont know if it has to do anything with how empty the apartment feels. Hubs was walking down the hallway to leave when we came back in, so we walked into an empty apartment.

Maybe I feel a tad overwhelmed with stuff.

  • Pick up living room, probably vacuum too

  • Shower

  • Game animation - a balloon up cycle, and go over the balloon down and walk cycle again

  • start some background house art

  • No plans to do QA work today, but should at least get an idea of what to do tomorrow.

  • Take pictures and measurements of sweater; send them to C

I want to whiny to hubby I don't know what to do with myself, but I feel like that'd be rubbing salt into wounds since I know he rather dislikes what he's doing and would rather be doing ANYTHING ELSE 
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I'm feeling really easily irritated for some reason this afternoon. This morning I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I felt like I had to do, but I layed down for a nap still since I was tired and not ready to start trying to tackle other things. Ever since I got up from it, I've just been super annoyed by things. Mostly the dog, but trying to do other things too.

One of the devs is trying to track down why I see this one bug (on like everything) and they dont, so I'm being asked some of these dumb questions (which arent dumb, they don't know what sort of stuff I have etc, and when you're trying to figure something out.... ) and I just want to scream and maybe cry. I don't know how to get out of this mood and STILL do what I need, so I'm just going to try and forge ahead completing my tasks and hope I don't lash out too much at my husband when he gets home. He threw his back out again or something and has been in a lot of pain.

edit: we figured out the problem. I was clicking too quickly. 

9/30 Goals

Sep. 29th, 2016 02:04 pm
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  • Make Invoice

  • Go over gameplay, give feedback

  • UI Bugs

  • compatibilty testing

  • FULL bug regression - go over ALL bugs (current, icebox, backlog) of bugs there and if they are still active, occurring, etc. Update with new images and repro steps as needed.

House chores:

  • Vacuum

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I feel like I've been slipping and failing on improving myself and habits lately.

I had gotten the guest room cleaned, but didnt turn that momentum to doing art work. Or trying to do a good job doing the QA stuff. I need to try and schedule it better. But scheduling out hours of the day starts to feel a little overwhelming too. I also need to keep away from tumblr more.

Unfortunately, I may also be coming down with a cold? The seasonal weather changes cold maybe too? It doesnt feel like fall, but it's not hitting the 90s anymore, still the 70/80's though, so I don't really think it's that. Both Husband and I have had sore throats the last two days. This morning I had huge dark bags under my eyes. I know I normally have little ones, but these one I even noticed in my sleepy haze while brushing my teeth.  I got my flu shot yesterday, but I don't think they are related.

Today I am going to take it a little easy; I have some errands I HAVE to run, and some laundry, but other than that.

So today's Goals are:

  • Laundry

  • Update team meeting notes

  • get some UI bugs and notes for D2 (30-60 min)

  • Errands

  • Animation (60 min)

and lets not kid outselves, I'm probably gonna nap some time today, so I won't be super tired and cranky for the meeting tonight.

Goals done:

  • Laundry

  • Errands

  • Update team meeting notes

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Today is going to be a struggle. I wok up some time before 5 and didnt really get back to sleep. I tried napping from like 8:30-10, but I didn't really fall asleep either. It did recharge me some, but didn't really rejuvinate me. I anticipate more of these small naps through out the day. Laying down with my eyes closed, long enough to not be grumpy or have headaches from being awake, but not enough to recharge real energy.

The working out is probably going to be the biggest thing to do. I might not do the walking/jogging, since thats a 20 min minimum, and I just don't think I can last doing something for 20 minutes like that.

Other than that, I think today will be pretty low-ley. I need to

  • Finish HTV stuff

  • Bug regression

  • Laundry/bed sheets

  • dust?

  • dishes and dinner

All pretty do-able.

I really wish I could sleep more right now, but I know I wont really, so now the struggle to get dressed, head down stairs and work out.  
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I dont have a lot in terms of goals, since I'm working both days, and know I just wont be doing much.

But regardless, I would like to try and

  • Do some more invsetigation into the errors on HTV

  • Bug problems on the word game mobile

  • finish rigging the other limbs of the model

BonusI think that's all. It's pretty do-able.

I wonder if my husband is going to handle dinner like I originally told him to. 
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While I feel like today hasn't been productive, it actually has been overall. Just half the stuff I did was not satisfying in a work sense, so it feels like nothing was really gained. 
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Most of my sewing stuff fits under the King Bed! Hooray! My art supply box does not, however. I do have an extra long comic box that I could put the stuff in, an THAT goes under the bed, but I don't really want to keep my supplies in that box forever. I dont think the sewing machines will fit, but I I can just pile one of them in the corner, and I think the other one will fit.

I have some odds and ends left; the box of comics I want to sell, a few more sewing bits, and things like that, I need to finish sorting and cleaning up. Then it's time to straighten up the bookshelf in that room, and not have it look like such a cluttered mess, after that I'm going to tackle some more of the boxes in the closet and the pile of misc boxes near the book shelf, which I'm pretty sure will just stay there.

I don't know what my cat is going to do. She sleeps under that Queen Bed, and the room is kind of "her room", but I imagine our guest will probably have his door closed most of the time.. he might have to leave it open for her. I don't think she'll put up with being shut out from her room.

Eventually I will be done with cleaning and sorting this room, and I won't have anything productive to procrastinate with lol 

9/15 tasks

Sep. 15th, 2016 11:01 am
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Okay, so I felt like I had done pretty well the last few days, although there was one day where I had no energy or motivation to do stuff until that evening.

Today is starting to feel like that again. I cut my workout short because I could FEEL the headache coming and the nausea and other gross stuff that would force me to not do things. It's not 100% gone yet, but I think I can manage it and still do stuff.

So things I need to do today:

  • Talk to Daniel and update my section in the Team Notes

  • Rig and finish art for the Child in the Balloon Game

  • Vacuum the living room

  • Begin sorting through boxes in the bedroom. Donations, etc.

  • Maybe move some stuff from my crafting corner to under the King Bed

None of this is a lot. It just sort of feels overwhelming right now.

It looks like Daniel is on so I'm think I'll just get that out of the way and then have to worry about it again come meeting time.

And then I will either vacuum or start the rigging, depending on how dizzy I feel.
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