Jun. 23rd, 2017 11:01 am
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I had thought I was going to a tea shop with a friend, but she thought it wasnt happening this week. Whatever! More time to work on stuff today. 

Dark red lacy bat plushie
design doc for game to get all functionality sorted out
QA work

I should figure out how much I've been spending on hobby things/extra spending. I feel like it's been a lot lately, and dont want to be spending too much per paycheck. I've been thinking about maybe changing to putting them all on a credit card. I have blue fabric to get (like 6 yards), white fabric (probably like 4 yards??) 2-3 of brown fabric, and need some wig care tools (wig comb, wig conditioner, a stand for it) sanding tools and paint... like so much stuff!!! 

I got 3 months to finish them all. I think I'm making good progress. I haven't done ANY shoe sourcing though... 

11:45am: uhhhh trying to get camera angles from the demo town is proving to be a challenge and a half. My desktop runs out of memory and will crash, and the laptop SEEMED better, but the the view screen went black... so I feel like a similar thing is going to happen. I think I'll give it another go, but not having a good feeling about it. 

I've managed to do my QA work and work on the doc for the game. I feel like there's still a lot of ??? to figure out, but I just dont know what they are. Like looking at other games and trying to compare it to what we want, but I'm not sure what we want so I don't know what I'm comparing or trying to copy. 

I've only gotten done the applique to the face done, and none of the construction sewing. Right now the sun is shining into the room so it's a bit warm and uncomfortable. I think I'm gonna go take that shower I need to get it over with, and play some games on the laptop, until I need to finish dinner and then I guess the evening will be either game stuff or finish up the plushie this evening. 


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