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Finally talked with my dad about the cataloging. He's still trying to decide WHAT to do with his stuff, like what he wants to keep more long term, and what he is going to hand to someone else to sell. Not to mention his piles of "sell not just yet, but soon, want to (re)read before selling" and I think he's just getting a little overwhelmed.

He's worked with this eBay guy before, and is trying to get a hold of him again (through phone tag at the moment) and see what he feels like he can handle.

So in the mean time, going to put this project on hold, and that probably also means no actual plans to go out to my folks in the spring (since the reason would have been to help him with this project)

But mom is still expecting me to come out and teach her crochet so IDK.

He had said his hard covers had ISBN numbers, and while there are databases/programs you can put that in and it pulls it up, that would be splitting stuff between that service, and then whatever we end up doing instead. 
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I need to continue the "career for life" thing, but note, was talking with a friend and she said to just blast job sites with applications and apply for stuff I even sorta think I can do and yeah. Dont sell myself short. ANYWAY

This post is actually about catalog programs! I had realized I havent done any reserach into that yet and needed to do some.

I want to find something I can do on the computer, because I can type faster on it, but whatever. Someone recommened Memento Database app, (http://mementodatabase.com/) and so far it looks like it could work. I'm going to do my manga/comic collection on it (since I got stuff from Mom and need to add it all in) for a "test" on useability and what not.

Things I need to test: Syncing between devices and maybe accounts. How does the desktop version work.

The desktop may not be supe required, since dad mostly uses a tablet, which is mobile/android. The desktop would be for me and my laptop when I'm there to help. I don't want to pay a monthly fee for service though, since this is going to be small/personal and something we want to keep for YEARS. Like minimum 3 years for absolutely sure, easily to 15+ depending on dad's health.

It's sounding like the desktop version requires the cloud though. Sigh.

I still need to talk to dad about what he thinks should be in it, but this is what I have so far:

  • Title of Item (Name of item)

  • # of items (quantity)

  • If in series, what number in a series. (issue 1, 2 3 so on)

  • Link items together IF not lumping them together, (issue 1 is it's own entry, issue 2 it's own entry, and need to be able to know they go together)

  • Picture(s) of the item

  • Publisher

  • Artist/Person of Note

  • Quality of it; known flaws, etc.

  • Best way to sell it. Through an auction house, known dealers, etc.

  • Contact info is applicable to previous entry. (If more than, find a good art dealer)

  • Expected pay out (starting point, so not selling a 1k item for 100)

  • Location (Where it's located in all the stuff)


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