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I have a doctors appointment today to talk about my birth control. I'm feeling a little frustrasted with what I'm using right now. But kind of researching what I want to change to and I'm getting cold feet/nervous about changing it. Hahah.

I just feel like i'm spotting a lot now when on it, including some back pains, start to feel other PMS symptoms within HOURS of taking it off. (like less than 3 hours). It's just not feeling great anymore. I was frustrated with Xulane pretty much the moment I had started it, years ago, becuse Ortho Evra went off the market. So I'm going to try something else. Will it be better than the patch? I don't know, but I know I'm not fully satisfied with what I have now and going to look into trying something else.

Maybe I'll find out that the shot won't work for me very well, and if that's the case, I can try something else or move back to the patch. I just know for certain NO birth control is NOT an option. Xulane is still 1000x better than nothing.

----- update -----

It was decided to try the shot first at the doctors, and they need to check to see if the IUD would be covered be for saying it was a real option first. (There is no reason why my insurance wouldn't cover it) So today (9/29) I am going to get the shot!


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