Sep. 8th, 2016 12:39 pm
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Going to try and keep an updated list of the stuff I want to get done. This is a total work in progress.
The list )
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Okay, so big changes need to happen in my life, and my husbands life, together. We keep trying to do it, but we need them to stick better and so forming new habits time!

I'm going to try and move away from wasting so much time on random browsing, so I think I'm going to try and move my tumblr back to what I originally wanted it to be, which was a place to put lolita and fashion photos. It's turned into more an open diary/jounral/etc thing, and I feel like I post more about my complaining than things people are interested in. Not just that, but even using it is super easy to just lose so much time into. And I need to stop that.

So I am going to try doing this! I know it can be pretty easy to lose yourself here too, but it's older and more text based, so I don't think it'll be the same issue.

A big part of trying to do all this new stuff, is also try and get rid of the things that I have been or thinking about doing. I had gone through my manga earlier this year and just made a list of all of it. There were some thinsg I had thought "I don't really want this anymore, I should try and sell it". There's also the corpse bride cosplay dress I want to sell too. We'll be having someone staying in our guest room for a while soon, and I've start trying to clean and re-organize that. (which is where the manga is). I don't know when they are coming yet, but that gives me a good deadline to do the projects needed in there.

Guest Room based projects:

  • Organize, scan and file "important documents"

  • Find and list unwanted Manga

  • Clean out boxes I'm hoarding.

  • Restack sewing stuff so guest has more "room"

These all kind of require the same space, so I need to be quick about them. The manga the very least I can sort out into "sell, keep" piles and put the ones I'm going to sell in the living room for listing. But I need to get that done so I can restack boxes and try and make more "room" for the guest. Which is also part of trying to dig out all the files and boxes and everything. I think it'll take me a few days to do all of this if I don't really do anything else.

On top of the jobs I have and other personal things I want to do. Maybe I should make a journal of just things. 


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