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work out
clean guest room
- pick everything up,
- find place for stuffed animals 
- wash/change sheets
get list of tasks for the week
weekly house cleaning

 I'm not sure what else. My wrist is still a bit angry so should try and wear my brace more during the day. 

10am: ugh today is gonna be a slow day for me, hard to do anything. 

12:30pm: i've at least picked up and vacuumed the guest room. I need to figure out where to put the stuffed toys, and after that I can do the sheets. Until then, IDK. I still havent worked out. I'm gonig to have lunch, deal with the pug, ask about my tasks and then work out. That's my plan anyway. 
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 I've already worked out this morning, and used the bike.  But for some reason I'm feeling like I'm starting an anxiety attack. weeee

Shower and wash hair
sew! sew!! Can I finish the apron today??
grocery store - corn tortillas, something for myself for dinner
work on Coffee Emote for hubs! 

look into getting more bed sheets

8/7 goals

Aug. 7th, 2017 09:02 am
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Work out
grocery store
get pet medicine

vacuum litter mess; also wipe area down

 Sew Apron
decide what medium i'd like to work in; digital or a physical one, and which one??
art class or sewing class?
make some OC art with Mewdeline (both in MH style and PSG style

Hubs has asked for more emotes. We'll see what I can do. 

12pm: also found the yarn I need for tomorrow! yay! I snacked a little, so the dog is being extra whiny at me... i think I'll take care of him, eat lunch for real, and start sewing until I get too hot/hit a snag and need to walk away, and then maybe do some art? my wrist is hurting today too so I dont know how much I'll do.

I'm feeling anxious because sewing machine. I would really like to get the one my friend rec'd me, but he kinda bawked at the price.. .so trying to find something cheaper, but anything I find is either going to be garbage (like singers stuff) or doesnt seem to do what I will want to do (oh this one doesnt handle knits well, so that's not something I want) 
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 Husband has decreed tomorrow is Me day, since I was having Anxiety and lots of self-depreciation feelings this evening. 

So things I want to do:

  • take the extra TV down 
  • rewire our internets
  • put up more hat hangers
  • hang the poster i got framed
  • maybe hang the other photos?
  • figure out what places I still need to clean
  • maybe start cleaning them
  • Maybe make him play some fortnite with me
he talked about us going out and doing stuff, and it's gonna be like 88 tomorrow, so I dont know if I'll want to go out and do anything?? As of right now, i dont really want to go see a movie, a walk might be nice, but it'd have to be early enough so it's not hot out, but i doubt that'll happen. I COULD REALLY USE AN UPPER BACK MASSAGE THOUGH 

Things I want to do:
  • Decide if I want to do sewing or art classes (watercolor?)
  • pick a medium i want to do art in! Digital, watercolor, colored pencil??? 
  • make some OC art with Mewdeline (both in MH style and PSG style)
  • Maybe some apron sewing
  • maybe some more wig styling

4:30pm: he came to bed late last night, and then the animals needed stuff at the normal time so I was really tired. I got a latte and then we went to lunch and I felt a lot better afterwards. I napped, and now it's just this time?? we rewired te internet, and that's kinda it. 


Aug. 5th, 2017 09:21 am
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take care to get tires inspected
clean fridge

start bathroom?
finish potato pug emote
page of doodles
Work on cosplay
Stay off computer!!! 

1:15pm: ugh apron i think needs to be redone. I do not like how it is AT ALL! 
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Work out
Spruce up resume

Target for rug
tv dinner tables

finish potato pug emote
apply to some places?


Aug. 2nd, 2017 09:34 pm
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 work out
clean kitchen
check sheet of stuff to clean
get tires rebalanced
try on cosplay
get list of new tasks

4:30: 3 hours were wasted on getting the tires done, so I didnt get to cleaning until later than I wanted; but it's coming along, just means the cosplay and art stuff just probably not going to be done. 

Also did not work out because I'm sore from yesterday/walking around a lot today, and cleaning. 

8/2 goals

Aug. 1st, 2017 06:52 pm
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work out
Go to friends; look at sewing machines
 Try out London Alice cosplay
- write down adjustments needed on apron
Art work!
- do the test page for outline first or after painting
Post artwork on tumblr! 
Start on Every Week list of cleaning chores
- wash sheets
- vacuum matress
- vacuum floor and furniture

No weeb weds this week! Decide if you're going to the aquarium or not! 

4:30: welp, the day isnt over yet, but I dont think i'll get everything done. I ended up spending too much time at my friends. As long as I finish the cleaning and doodle some, today was a win. 
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 shit I need to do when I get back:

I guess go over all the credit cards and make sure payments are being made on them
sew? Am i even worth while to sew for myself anymore
start cleaning everything in the house; got two weeks before my parents come
I need to update my QA docs; not that I follow them when doing my smoke test ~.~
get ink
print resume, go apply at art store

Man I feel like i"ve been having some worse days more often now. 

/// now that I'm home, time to organize it a bit better

House Stuff
Grocery shopping
Clean House
Go over credit cards/bills
pay rent

get ink, print resume, apply at art store
QA doc update


Jul. 26th, 2017 11:10 pm
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 get new marker for apron?
finish apron
fold laundry
get tasks for the week
- tell people I will be gone over the weekend/next 4 days, and won't be as available as normal. Will try and do testing as we can with Wi-fi on the road. 

I think just working on the apron really.... (besides normal thursday stuff) I've been slacking and would like to get it done... and not play like 8 hours of Citadel tomorrow lol

5pm: I had gotten new markers for the apron today; im glad I snagged two. So the edge design is finally done. I have started assembling any of it yet though...

I spent most of the day in a pretty shitty mood. i still am, but actually feeling a tiny bit better than earlier.  I need to find out when we plan on leaving tomorrow and figure out what needs to be packed. 


Jul. 25th, 2017 08:57 pm
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 work out
 clean bathroom
 clean beanbag

10am: oh it's only 10! that's not bad. I'm going to do dishes from yesterday and the dishwasher, make the wand, and then work on other cleaning. A game opens up today, so I imagine I'll be spending most of the day on that, and then this evening is Anime night, so friends are coming over. 


Jul. 24th, 2017 10:43 pm
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There's a chance guests will be over weds, so!

Clean the living room
- pick u stuff
- dust everything

- vacuum
- try and deal with the cord mess??

I also want to work on the apron some more. 
- Bias tape the neckline
The waist??


1:30pm: so freaking this morning!!! I ran to joanns to grab stuff to make a wizard hat apparently, and then the grocery store, and then napped lol. Started some laundry and got the dishes done. Working on cleaning up the rest of the kitchen. 

Then i guess on to the living room! 

9pm: i bias tapped the neckline, cut out the waist band and ties, but realized I needed to put the pattern on the apron first, so I worked on getting the apron to the size and shape I wanted, and started that. 


Jul. 24th, 2017 12:56 pm
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 whew!! It's A Day for me apparently. Weekends can be rough on my "schedule"

I've already:
worked out
grocery store
craft store
got gingerale
did dishes

Still need to:
finish cleaning kitchen
pick up living room

some more QA work
pay local taxes
play albion - goal is to get 1500 in wood cutting

but what I really need to do is eat lunch!!! 

5pm: CRAP! HOW DID IT GET TO BE 5 ALREADY?? I went to do some drawing, and thought "I know! I'll make one of those little Info Posts about.. Lavender! so I started drawing, and realized I need to research about them more. 
I started writing it.. and then realized typing would be better lol. So That's what I did for like.. 2-3 hours I guess??? Im gonna try and finish up the written part and i guess... chill till it's time to make some potatoes for dinner. And then Albion for the rest of the night. (maybe some fortnite too) 
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 I didn't do anything yesterday but played games pretty much all day.

Stuff I'd like to get done:
-put laundry away
- LT Prod testing
- more apron work
- work out??? 

Apron: so I need to make the waistband and cut out the bottom part form the test skirt I made earlier. I dont think I'm going to try for a big bow on this one, although maybe I should as a test for the Iconic Version ahahah I'm not sure how to go about doing it. The apron pattern I'm following doesn't have waist ties to tie in the back, so I'm already modifying it hoping it will turn out well. 

I dont know if I'm going to do any of this before or after my nap though....

12pm: ahh napped... not feeling a TON better in terms of emotions, but Im not super tired. I kind of wanted to sleep more, but w/e. Um... I need to go grab bias tape I had forgotten... and I havent yet, so I think I'm going to wait to work on that for now. I was thinking of going to Joann's today to grab what I need, but I'm not sure I have energy for it. 


Jul. 21st, 2017 09:32 am
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shower - wash hair
groceries for dinner! Pork pot roast thing???
- restart an account
- go through long list of stuff - see notebook and PT tabs


Also gotta like do dishes and take the trash out at some point too. 


Jul. 19th, 2017 11:17 pm
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 Go through pt bugs; Bing producer/devs as needed
Start apron 
Work out 
Get tasks for the week
Emote for zanzer

11am: i mean, i went through some stuff yeterday and wrote down things to look at for the next week. I might have to ping the producer and have him help me with these things. I dont really get what sort of stories they want me to write up and keep track of... because everything I'm doing is pretty much 1) checking that stuff is in as it should be 2) writing up bugs and checking those. So I don't know what sort of NEW stories I need to write for myself???? These kinds of things leads me to thinking I'm not suited for lead roles too.

I worked out a bit, but it was a lot of back stuff which started to hurt a bit much, so I went through like 2 sets?? 

I also got a first test of the emote done, so i'm waiting on feedback. Someone I did some work for also hit me up with a question, but didnt state what the question was @.@ 

I'm not sure what to do with myself... I should really start my arpon... I've been putting it off... 

3:30pm: man I do not want to work on the apron lol sigh 


Jul. 18th, 2017 11:09 am
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 I have no idea what to do today. Auuughhhh I feel a bit blah. 

I guess I should make some goals to try and get done...

Hem the brown skirt
Measurements for apron (might have to wait till hubs gets home)

Panels for hubs
See what TeeN needed 

Grocery store AGAIN - Since i forgot milk last night ~.~
clean?? ?????

12pm: i need to do part of the hem by hand I think... but i'm not gonna mess with it right, so the skirt is pretty much done now! yay! 


Jul. 16th, 2017 09:01 pm
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 work out
look into making the fabric to stop puckering
put zipper in

cut out waistband
interface waistband
attach waistband

cancel TWC internet
go over bills


11:30am:  Whew! Rolled out of bed a tad later than desired, but the pug didnt need out until then, so whatever. Calling to cancel the twc internet was actually pretty easy. I remember it being a bit of a challenge when we moved from CA, but it took like a total of 15 minutes or something between hitting dial and hanging up. I do feel like the fabric I got for the orphanage dress is a bit lighter than I wanted, but um.... just gonna roll with it. I'll finish it and see how I feel about it and decide if I need to redo it with new fabric or not. I do feel like it's a bit light in terms of fabric weight and color. First cosplay, not gonna worry about it too much. 

Working out this morning was a huge challenge for me!! It was just hard to do; between my hair bouncing around and for some reason it just felt a tad harder to breath. But I made it through. Yay. 

I've got the zipper done on the cosplay, and taking a break before I start the waist band. I dont know if i'll get to hemming it tonight or not. Now maybe I'll finally vacuum after like 3 weeks @.@
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 my goals mostly today is to just sew. SEW SEW SEW!!

Finish bat plsuhie
make mock of half circle skirt; will it actually fit my hips?
if it's fine, make the brown skirt for reals. 
Start the apron then?

I really should work out >< 
Cat cafe?

Maybe some living room re-arrangement? at least with wires. 

I dont know what else, the sewing should take a decent amount of time up. 


Jul. 15th, 2017 09:58 am
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more Qa work! never ending!
finish 2nd bat
write up mid-month review/mid year review
Play more Odin Sphere


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