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Things I have to do:
Bring check to office
QA work
Work out

Things I would like to do:
sketch out Carmella's Garden Pieces to watercolor paper
make changes to paw logo
go through ASL alphabet 5 times

I may or may not being driving up to another city to check out this cafe there. Depending on my friend. 

Weekend goals:
tons of scene work! Can I get one, EVEN TWO completely done??
I wish I could sew on stuff, but I need the stabilizer to arrive first, so that's kind of on hold. 
3 more chapters in the audio book. I should really be done with it by now. 
Carmella's Garden pieces - get some more done.
Lets paint some mini figs! Conan board game!

Hubs is going to be having like a 5day weekend (sat-weds) so I dont know how this is going to be for the rest of the week. I expect it to be kind of crazy. 

8:30am: my friend isnt feeling well this morning, so no cafe! Well, no driving far to that one anyway. I might go to one here and work on scenes for a bit; no internet on the PC, just my phone and work. 

11am: been in a pretty good mood all morning, minus the weird dream. I tried to work on QA stuff while laundry was in the dryer, but my computer crashed once and froze up a bunch and I thought it was gonna crash. It was just impossible to try and work, so instead i'm trying to figure out why it is. So i'm pretty frustrated. 

2:30pm: trying to do some stuff... hoping between emotes, OWT stuff, and qa work. Either my computer or my internet is super slow and lagging. Most likely my computer. 


Jun. 28th, 2017 08:18 pm
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scene work
finish bat body
get new tasks for the week
emote work
get 2nd piece ready for RB
look into lighting things
vacuum hallway wall corners

11am: cat meows at 6, dog gets up at 6:30. I slept in some after coming back, but I am not feeling today. 

4pm: since hubs has some lights from trying to light himself on streaming, but they didnt have umbrella thing on them, i just ordered an umbrella to see if I can some how jimmy-rig it on to one of the lights and see how that works for me.  

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with what I need to do, and like I dont have the skills or knowledge on how to do any of it. 


Jun. 27th, 2017 08:29 pm
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 play with RB store
drop off singer to repair shop
start new H&S scene
Carmella in the rain 

Grocery store

work out

9:30am: omg the cat came meowing at 6 am for someone to play with her, so the dog woke up and had to go outside at that time too. A bit tired this morning to say the least. I'm also sore from the workout yesterday, a mixture of it and not moving around enough im sure hahah. So I dont really want to work out this morning... but i'm gonna try to. Or do it early this afternoon. 

major goals today:
drop off sewing machine
start new scene
grocery store
work out

the rest can happen as they happen, but today will still be a good day if I can get those done.

I was gouing to leave this morning with the machine, but decided to test it to make sure I WAS still having issues, and in the process the people came that are upgrading the internet, so I hung around until that was done, and made myself go to the store. Super tired this morning. I took a nap afterwards, and have felt much better.

I've so far worked on the logo some, and now working on emote requests from hubs. 


Jun. 26th, 2017 09:25 pm
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 Proof of renters insurance to office
sewing stream!
play with RB store; using the two types of Susan in the Rain I got
start a new H&S scene
DSLR??? any way to justify it??
hope them gals email me about plushies!
try Carmella in the Rain digital 

10am: I chatted with my friend who does product stuff, and he said that I dont really need a DSLR since my phone takes good enough shots (and im not doing like super artsy special focus kinds of things) but I could use some more lighting control; so I'm going to look into lighting kits. I hope I can find some way to use the two lamps hubs had bought already for himself for streaming haha. A cover or something. I don't really have space to set up for lighting and shoots, so we will see what happens. 

I've also worked out today! darebee has a more beginner kind of thing. Just doing it at the end i was like "Omg noooo moorreeeee" 

I've also decided to just use the symphony broadcloth that is at Joann's in the dark royal blue, and dark chocolate for the other skirt. I'm debating on when to get the fabric. I know I want to wait to a 50% off for the royal blue (since I Need like 6 or 7 yards) but the fabric is like 25 cents off and I might just grab the brown fabric now. I want to get lining too, but it's kind of "what ma I looking at" on the website. 

oh man, my energy and motivation is sapped this evening. I streamed for 2 1/2 hours, and afterwards I showered and just feel blaaahhhh i got of botched the face on the bat, and I was trying to hold myself off on fixing the other sewing machine, but I just feel like it's something I gotta do. 

What ever high i was feeling yesterday is gooonneeeee


Jun. 26th, 2017 09:01 am
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 I dont think a lot will get done today; since half the day im out of the house.

Coffee and craft meet
stop by michaels to find some thinner black yarn

try and finish up the 1st test scene
photoshop art work! or maybe sai or something else... redo Susan with Raindrops as a digital piece!

I think that's it?? I need to figure out this week if 1) I really want to go get the singer serviced right now 2) when to get the fabric for the alice pieces. I know I'll go get teh sanding and paint and stuff I need for the vorpal blade when I actually have it in my hands, so whenever that will be (end of week?) and then I have the wig too... 

So much money to spend in so little time frame!! 

AAAHHH YESSSS i brought the plush to size as I made the collar to the meet, and someone was like "oh man! This would be a great gift!" and so I have a (pending) sale! Another woman was interested too, so I gave them both my email and said to email me and we can work out details~ Super excited!!!!

Need to calm down and focus on other stuff now lol


Jun. 24th, 2017 10:20 pm
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start making scenes for hide and seek
check into when I last got paid from freelance
QA testing - check out the fans

Might get to, might not. 
crochet collar for bat
start new bat! same kind! dark red and black lace
take some cool photos of d red and grey bat together
make another BTTV emote  - pug?

11am: I feel rather tired and a bit out of it, so the challenge will be staying focused long enough to remember what I need to do.  I did send him the thing at the beginning of the month, no sign of check yet though! 

4pm: I'm holding off on making the collar and starting the next bat. I'm going to work on the collar tomorrow at crafting meet, and i figured out how to set up the station to stream, so I'll start that either monday or tuesday. (and stream it!) 


Jun. 23rd, 2017 11:01 am
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I had thought I was going to a tea shop with a friend, but she thought it wasnt happening this week. Whatever! More time to work on stuff today. 

Dark red lacy bat plushie
design doc for game to get all functionality sorted out
QA work

I should figure out how much I've been spending on hobby things/extra spending. I feel like it's been a lot lately, and dont want to be spending too much per paycheck. I've been thinking about maybe changing to putting them all on a credit card. I have blue fabric to get (like 6 yards), white fabric (probably like 4 yards??) 2-3 of brown fabric, and need some wig care tools (wig comb, wig conditioner, a stand for it) sanding tools and paint... like so much stuff!!! 

I got 3 months to finish them all. I think I'm making good progress. I haven't done ANY shoe sourcing though... 

11:45am: uhhhh trying to get camera angles from the demo town is proving to be a challenge and a half. My desktop runs out of memory and will crash, and the laptop SEEMED better, but the the view screen went black... so I feel like a similar thing is going to happen. I think I'll give it another go, but not having a good feeling about it. 

I've managed to do my QA work and work on the doc for the game. I feel like there's still a lot of ??? to figure out, but I just dont know what they are. Like looking at other games and trying to compare it to what we want, but I'm not sure what we want so I don't know what I'm comparing or trying to copy. 

I've only gotten done the applique to the face done, and none of the construction sewing. Right now the sun is shining into the room so it's a bit warm and uncomfortable. I think I'm gonna go take that shower I need to get it over with, and play some games on the laptop, until I need to finish dinner and then I guess the evening will be either game stuff or finish up the plushie this evening. 


Jun. 21st, 2017 06:25 pm
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 boy I hope i get some good sleep tonight so I can have an actual functioning brain!
  • get tasks for the week
  • update meeting notes
  • try on bodice with only bra on. 
  • clean up sewing area
  • make a small mock of apron 
  • get 5 camera angles - laptop, mouse
House chores:
  • fruit - whole foods - needed for fri morning
  • clean up litter box area
  • brush Taco
  • vacuum
  • Dust
10:30am: hubs got up early, so I did too, and he took care of the dog, so yay. I've spent the morning doing house chores. I think  I have them all done. I'm struggling with getting myself to want to work on things. I'm not sure why. I do feel a tiny bit overwhelmed, but nothing is like really a problem? I know what I need to do and want to do and, it shouldnt be feeling like a chore. 

Luckily I have a good long day ahead of me, and as long as I continue working on something like every 15 min or so, I shouldn't have a problem getting most if not everything done on the list. 

I think for the rest of the morning is going to be sewing related tasks. 

7:40pm: this afternoon i asked hubs about research or get camera angles, and he said research so thats what I did after my nap.

I think I'm going to come up with a series of tags for posts for various mental states, so I might have a way to kind of track "how many" is going on. I dont know what kind of tags yet but I need something. I had a moment of of depression brain pains earlier; it wasnt enough to make me say "yes I am feeling this" and it's seem to have gone this evening, but that doesnt mean it isn't lurking.

Need tags for:
  • numbness
  • depression mental pain

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oh man SUPER late start to the day today. 

Went to the grocery store this morning, and then napped. I forgot after the game last night to ask hubs to look at why I couldnt download the project to my laptop, so I wont be able to work on that today at all. 

Hubs is having some allergy problems again, so i suppose I should get some dusting and vacuuming done, and then more sewing. 


Jun. 20th, 2017 09:12 am
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 I've been slacking on doing these. To be the fair the weekend is often a toss up of what will get done when, so I don't really bother with that anymore.

Today I'm having tea/lunch with a friend, and going to try and go to a garden supply store and check out some small house plants. I'd really like to have one!

Yesterday I tried to work on getting camera positions for the game, but my PC could not handle it, and I can't clone the project on my laptop. I never asked hubs to look at why when he got home. I did ask a friend about making another piece for my cosplay, and she gave me some tips and a good material to use. When that gets here I might start playing with that.

So since today I can't do a ton of game dev, I think today's focus is working on the bodice. I didn't do any of it yesterday under the excuse of the room being too hot to work in, but whatever. I'm going to do it today. 

This morning is going to be chores though, haha. 


Jun. 19th, 2017 11:04 am
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Alright, today is going to be a challenge motivation wise.

I've already gone to the post office and the grocery store, and put in an order on amazon.

Im going to try and for most of today work on UI sketches, and setting up some scenes for the game. 

I'd like to go get the singer machine serviced sometime this week too. 


Jun. 16th, 2017 10:08 pm
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 L A U N D R Y 
bodice mock 

set up what I need to do for the game on PC maybe on Laptop?
QA testing - more word game, main area

2pm: well, i've done the bodice mock and realized my mistake and no idea how to improve/fix, so i'm moving to another pattern. I'm going to clean up my craft area and 


Jun. 15th, 2017 03:49 pm
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 do an our of QA work
Spray living room
attempt adjusting pattern piece
clean bathroom

5pm: man I had a headache for most of the day and just not up for critical thinking. It's mostly gone this evening so I'm going to try and get the QA in, and I started on the pattern adjustment, but it's jsut too hot in the work room and the fan on blows all my paper away :V 

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 I took the CPR certification class
Made like 2-3 plushies
started my cosplay
made two more Carmella's Garden pieces, and even sold one. 

There was a brief moment of depression going on, which I can't say is 100% gone right now, but is lesser at the moment. 

For the rest of the month I want to work on the cosplay, at least have a decent bodice mock and got a sleeve attached right. Depending on how long that takes, at least have started the purple lace bunny if not also completed it too. I would honestly like to work out 2-3 times a week. I'm going to try it, but not hold it against myself if I dont complete it, as the last week I was bleeding and cramping and miserable from it. 


Jun. 15th, 2017 07:46 am
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Dentist appt so early
Nap probably
clean up guest room

Flea spray guest room
finish flea spraying living room?
Find out new QA tasks for the week

For the cosplay, i think I'm going to try altering the pattern first, and if that doesnt work, try draping. But going to try altering the pattern first. 

12:30pm: man I was tired when I got home, but i did dishes and ate some food and cleaned up my sewing from the floor in the guest room before laying down. I think I'm gonna spray the couch again today. I've seen fleas on me TWICE while sitting on it.  Waiting to wake up a bit before doing too much or consider lunch. 

My face I think is starting to recover from the numbness, but it feels so weird. 

3pm: oh man I have like no energy. I dont feel tired like i did this morning before my nap, but I sure have no energy or desire to do ANYTHING. 

Ah I made myself wash the pug to see if it helps his itchiness at all. Taco also came out of the guest room so I sprayed that down and shut the door. 


Jun. 13th, 2017 08:57 pm
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10-12 is coffee and craft
gotta drop off a RX
prolly get lunch at the same time

wash dishes/start dinner 
attempt some draping

I thought my bleeding was ending but this evening (6/13) the back aches picked up and like WHY. I think I have a refill on the estrogen pills and might just get that, because that at least made the bleeding stop and like my body clearly does not work well on this depo shit. I want to not be in pain and bleeding. It's been almost a week already of it starting up again and I thought it was tapering off but GUESS NOT. I have an appointment next month, but still like another 2 months on this shit and all I can imagine she'll do is be like "okay take these pills in the mean time so you arent bleeding/in pain until it's up and move on to this other BC".  i really hate my uterus. 

I feel like I'm gonna be super busy tomorrow. I kind of want to skip out on the coffee crafting, but it's much needed social interaction, and all my other shit this week has been like DR appointments. And I dont have to leave to my friends house right at 7, I can be a bit later than that if I need the extra time for whatever ~.~ 

1:30pm: aw crap! gotta start dinner... i've started flea combat and kind of forgot lol

2:30pm: I have no idea if I'm going to attempt draping or go to anime tonight. This afternoon has pretty much been "fight the fleas" since getting home and being rather hungry from a late lunch, so right now I just want to chill and recover. but Flea battle. 
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 I'm really struggling this afternoon to focus and work on something. I'm not sure what it is, but it's just nothing sounds good and I don't feel good getting anything done. I'm kind of just waiting time right now until the vet appointment, but I don't know if I'll be able to really sit down and focus on sewing when I get back.

I kind of feel like, why do anything, no one would pay me for any of it anyway. (I say as an aunt asked to buy a painting I did) 

I'm just going to try and fight this mood. UDFGdf


Jun. 12th, 2017 10:12 pm
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 Call Lasko
Father's Day cards
Vet appt 2pm

Also plans to continue working on the mock pattern. I'm going to need to read some more about darts and altering. 

I'm starting to feel a bit down and like "why am I doing anything?" My plan is to just fight through it. I might be feeling a bit overwhelmed for what is planned this week, defeated so far by the mock (some curves do not sew well) and overrun by fleas. I have so many flea bites. I have enough projects to pick at as I work through it though, so that is just my plan. When I get done with the mock I'll move to a plush since that is easy and not as awful frustrating as the mock up. 

10am: Finally got a hold of Lasko. Got some father's day cards, wasnt sure what to get for the in-law, but uh... got something. I'm gonna vacuum and try and work on something until the vet visit. 


Jun. 11th, 2017 07:03 pm
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  • Call Lasko about fan
  • Call Obygn: RE-cancel nurse appointment, I dont thin depo is just going to work for me. I've started bleeding like 2 weeks after a 30-day estrogen pill regimen.  Will probably go back to Xulane.
  • Call vet - shots for pug, ask about recommended/best flea meds for cats and dogs
  • Father's Day's cards
  • Grocery store - Ginger ale
  • clean up boxes in kitchen 
  • laundry
9:30am: Got some of my calls out of the way. I'll do my last one after I see hubs off for the day, since I expect it to take a bit of time.  Vet for tomorrow, since I anticipate today be filled with doing other stuff and I just dont want to work around it. I have a busy middle of the week planned! Vet tuesday, crafting meet and anime weds, dentist thursday... so busy!

I'm also tired. The dog is wired to get up at 7 AM OMG STOP so I've been up and tired for a few hours already. 


Jun. 8th, 2017 07:38 pm
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 Since I dont really make goals for over the weekend this is kind of just a general list of stuff I'd like to do by or on monday.
  • CPR Class (Fri morning)
  • Call Lasko about fan
  • Call Obygn: RE-cancel nurse appointment, I dont thin depo is just going to work for me. I've started bleeding like 2 weeks after a 30-day estrogen pill regimen.  Will probably go back to Xulane.
  • Call vet - shots for pug, ask about recommended/best flea meds for cats and dogs
  • Food truck rodeo downtown?
  • teach hubs to draw sunday?
  • QA testing
  • grocery store - no idea what to do for friday's dinner, and we've ordered in already on thursday. Maybe make a meatloaf for friday night for him.. and figure something else out for me. 
  •  Father's Day card
6/9 5:50pm: ugh After the class and lunch, i started cramping. Luckily it waited long enough for me to get home from groceries before really kicking it, but the rest of the afternoon I've been feeling oh so slightly nauseous, and low energy. Just really ugh. I hope this clears up by tomorrow! I want have plans this weekend!

6/10 12pm: took my scissors up, and they said they didnt look like they needed to sharpened, and ran a file along it to try and clear out some gunk that might be causing the occasional hitching I see. Got some coffee. I don't expect today to be very productive, but I'm going to try and make art today. I'm cramping and feel low energy in general. Try and recharge so I can have fun tomorrow when we go out.  

I'm going to try and do some roll cats and Camella's Garden sketches, and do a bit of QA work.


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