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 Ah forgot to do this. 

I've finished the 1st alice cosplay sewing, got most of the wig detangled, applied for two jobs, and I feel like there was another thing i've done, but can't think on it. We'd gone to Florida to look at places for his folks, uh yeah.

I'm still crying at not having a working sewing machine I can use dependably. Today my car is gonna cost us 615 to get some things fixed/serviced, so any hopes I had of sneakily or convincing hubs on letting me get the 600 machine is gone. 

So I'm going to apply for more jobs. Between trying to save (we've had to take the money that was to go to savings to checking twice now) and trying to get a new sewing machine... I just really need a job that will pay me more than minimum wage and give me over 10 hours a week, AT LEAST! Less than that isn't really worth it. 

I've been going through a period of "feeling useless", more so since I'd gone from "gotta clean all the things" to not having that anymore... so I'll have to work extra hard so when I go and apply for everything and get not reply or just rejects, i wont feel super useless and unhirable to everyone. I'm going to try to work on doing more little pictures, and see if I can't start maybe selling them for like $5-$10 a pop. 

I can feel the depression threatening to take over, since I dont have a lot to distract myself and the world is on fire. 


Aug. 15th, 2017 08:47 pm
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work out
pick up car
Finish up mermaid picture
start dinner
pick up guest room again
work on wig - can i finish it??
CSS attempt again?

I need to wash my car too, but with how much I JUST SPENT i might put it off for a bit....

10:50 am: picked my car up and stopped at the store to get a few items.. of course there were things I needed to get but werent on my list... I'll grab them after I work out and shower

12:30pm: I guess im gonna go grab the bacon chocolate since that's the last thing I really need. And then do some art of wig working... 


Aug. 15th, 2017 09:42 am
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work out
finish art test thing
do some sketches
work on wig

I dont think there's a lot I need to *do* today. This is what I'm aware of. taking the car into the shop so I wont have mobility, but hopefully not for long.

Need to buy:
pants (s8 boot cut)
bra (34d?) 
underwear (xl)

: today is a slow going today too. Hubs took a while to get out of bed, and after dropping the car off, i pretty much started trying to buy those clothes online. Realized I'll need to go to the store and buy the pants, 1) target didnt want to ship them to me, 2) not confident in buying without trying on from another store (since sizing numbers are made up) so just looking for the other items online. Trying to find a good basic gray v-neck tshirts for hubs. A bit harder than expected on amazon. 

844pm: I did not work out at all. Definitely when my day starts late, i dont get to it. Gotta start working on getting up at 8 I think. I did my little art test thing, and then asked for some suggestions on things to paint, and working on a mermaid with a mercat. I do however, feel awful since it's like $615 to tune up and repair the car. And the stuff I bought earlier. ;-; man.. could have gotten a new sewing machine but noooo car needed a new tire and 50k mile service. Ouch. 

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Work on wig
Research how to talk to family members that maybe a Nazi

3pm: i have done so little today.... i managed to work out. I still dont know how to talk to my bro, but I think it needs to be like.. when I see stuff he's liked/comment on appear in FB timeline and not out of the blue, since then I think it looses some context and will feel more like a lecture, and I dont want to lecture him about stuff??? 

I laid down around 1 since i didnt feel well after working out and kind of since my left arm has felt vaguely tingly/poor circulation. I know that arm has been doing that lately when I lay on my back, but it's the first time that even after sitting up for a few minutes and it hasnt stopped. It's been like an hour with it doing that. 

Since cleaning is rather important... and I need to keep up on it... i think that's what I'm going to focus on for the afternoon. 

8/11 goals

Aug. 11th, 2017 09:31 am
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work out

grocery store
more emotes
more photoshop drawing

Weekly Cleaning
Try on London Alice cosplay - take some photos
work on wig

Today's weekly "Do thing" is Games! Play some Odin Sphere! 

1pm: i went to the coffee shop by the grocery store becaue I wanted to hang out and have a latte, and decided to have a crepe too... really I should have gone to the crepe place. The crepe at the coffee shop wasn't great; I kinda had forgotten about it and wanted to go to a shop near the grocery store because I was going to go there afterwards. The crepe place is by the grocery store. Ah well. I put on most of the cosplay and took some photos. I think it looks fine! Yeah there's a lot not "accurate" about it, but W/E! Should be close enough if someone was going to recognize it they'll be able to (how many will remember this outfit is a toss in the air) BUt it's been a good confidence boost to snap some photos of it. 

I'm gonna sit down and do some testing/doc update, and then art I think. This evening I'm gonna work on the wig, in the craft room and listen to music or the audio book. Pretty chill day today. 

3pm: honestly im not sure if "sketchy headshot" counts as photoshop drawing, but it;s what I did, and we'll call it good enough for now. Also sent an emote for approval/change requests... so that's done for now?? (i could work on moooorreee but lets play some games instead) 
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 Ugh I think I need to make a list of all the side personal projects I want to work on. 

- OnS pattern list (im sorry this is taking me so long)
- Gardening Info thing! Lavenders is the first one
- make some OC fanart foo’!
- GIR amigurumi (x2)
- ????

I feel like there’s more that I’ve forgotten.

I should make a list of "Monthly Hobby goals" instead of just.... ever hanging ones.  

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work out
clean guest room
- pick everything up,
- find place for stuffed animals 
- wash/change sheets
get list of tasks for the week
weekly house cleaning

 I'm not sure what else. My wrist is still a bit angry so should try and wear my brace more during the day. 

10am: ugh today is gonna be a slow day for me, hard to do anything. 

12:30pm: i've at least picked up and vacuumed the guest room. I need to figure out where to put the stuffed toys, and after that I can do the sheets. Until then, IDK. I still havent worked out. I'm gonig to have lunch, deal with the pug, ask about my tasks and then work out. That's my plan anyway. 
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 I've already worked out this morning, and used the bike.  But for some reason I'm feeling like I'm starting an anxiety attack. weeee

Shower and wash hair
sew! sew!! Can I finish the apron today??
grocery store - corn tortillas, something for myself for dinner
work on Coffee Emote for hubs! 

look into getting more bed sheets

8/7 goals

Aug. 7th, 2017 09:02 am
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Work out
grocery store
get pet medicine

vacuum litter mess; also wipe area down

 Sew Apron
decide what medium i'd like to work in; digital or a physical one, and which one??
art class or sewing class?
make some OC art with Mewdeline (both in MH style and PSG style

Hubs has asked for more emotes. We'll see what I can do. 

12pm: also found the yarn I need for tomorrow! yay! I snacked a little, so the dog is being extra whiny at me... i think I'll take care of him, eat lunch for real, and start sewing until I get too hot/hit a snag and need to walk away, and then maybe do some art? my wrist is hurting today too so I dont know how much I'll do.

I'm feeling anxious because sewing machine. I would really like to get the one my friend rec'd me, but he kinda bawked at the price.. .so trying to find something cheaper, but anything I find is either going to be garbage (like singers stuff) or doesnt seem to do what I will want to do (oh this one doesnt handle knits well, so that's not something I want) 
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 Husband has decreed tomorrow is Me day, since I was having Anxiety and lots of self-depreciation feelings this evening. 

So things I want to do:

  • take the extra TV down 
  • rewire our internets
  • put up more hat hangers
  • hang the poster i got framed
  • maybe hang the other photos?
  • figure out what places I still need to clean
  • maybe start cleaning them
  • Maybe make him play some fortnite with me
he talked about us going out and doing stuff, and it's gonna be like 88 tomorrow, so I dont know if I'll want to go out and do anything?? As of right now, i dont really want to go see a movie, a walk might be nice, but it'd have to be early enough so it's not hot out, but i doubt that'll happen. I COULD REALLY USE AN UPPER BACK MASSAGE THOUGH 

Things I want to do:
  • Decide if I want to do sewing or art classes (watercolor?)
  • pick a medium i want to do art in! Digital, watercolor, colored pencil??? 
  • make some OC art with Mewdeline (both in MH style and PSG style)
  • Maybe some apron sewing
  • maybe some more wig styling

4:30pm: he came to bed late last night, and then the animals needed stuff at the normal time so I was really tired. I got a latte and then we went to lunch and I felt a lot better afterwards. I napped, and now it's just this time?? we rewired te internet, and that's kinda it. 


Aug. 5th, 2017 09:21 am
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take care to get tires inspected
clean fridge

start bathroom?
finish potato pug emote
page of doodles
Work on cosplay
Stay off computer!!! 

1:15pm: ugh apron i think needs to be redone. I do not like how it is AT ALL! 
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Work out
Spruce up resume

Target for rug
tv dinner tables

finish potato pug emote
apply to some places?


Aug. 2nd, 2017 09:34 pm
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 work out
clean kitchen
check sheet of stuff to clean
get tires rebalanced
try on cosplay
get list of new tasks

4:30: 3 hours were wasted on getting the tires done, so I didnt get to cleaning until later than I wanted; but it's coming along, just means the cosplay and art stuff just probably not going to be done. 

Also did not work out because I'm sore from yesterday/walking around a lot today, and cleaning. 

8/2 goals

Aug. 1st, 2017 06:52 pm
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work out
Go to friends; look at sewing machines
 Try out London Alice cosplay
- write down adjustments needed on apron
Art work!
- do the test page for outline first or after painting
Post artwork on tumblr! 
Start on Every Week list of cleaning chores
- wash sheets
- vacuum matress
- vacuum floor and furniture

No weeb weds this week! Decide if you're going to the aquarium or not! 

4:30: welp, the day isnt over yet, but I dont think i'll get everything done. I ended up spending too much time at my friends. As long as I finish the cleaning and doodle some, today was a win. 
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 Oh man! end of the month review! 

So these past two weeks,  I havent done a lot! Trying to work on sewing... but I havent. I havent been drawing really... 

But I really want to! I feel like I really want to get back into the stuff, and work on a schedule/days to work on the stuff. 

Yeah that might be better. "Today I work on X projects" and not have so much a time set, but just "when I feel like doing something or having nothing else to do, I do This" 

I did work on the apron today, and I honestly feel like there's a lot wrong with it still lol. I need to redo where the stuff attactches on the waist band I think, and might need to redo the neckline, but it's coming a long?? it's not like super shitty terrible.

These next two weeks I need to focus on cleaning though, my parents are coming and it would be nice to have the place not be a mess. 
Also want to work on doing more art work, and sewing the rest of the cosplay, and working on the wig, and seeing about that Vorpal blade. 

I have a busy month in terms of events and things going on, but it should all be good!! 

I feel like my mood has been a lot more positive, a few negative days here and there, but it's been good. 
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 shit I need to do when I get back:

I guess go over all the credit cards and make sure payments are being made on them
sew? Am i even worth while to sew for myself anymore
start cleaning everything in the house; got two weeks before my parents come
I need to update my QA docs; not that I follow them when doing my smoke test ~.~
get ink
print resume, go apply at art store

Man I feel like i"ve been having some worse days more often now. 

/// now that I'm home, time to organize it a bit better

House Stuff
Grocery shopping
Clean House
Go over credit cards/bills
pay rent

get ink, print resume, apply at art store
QA doc update


Jul. 26th, 2017 11:10 pm
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 get new marker for apron?
finish apron
fold laundry
get tasks for the week
- tell people I will be gone over the weekend/next 4 days, and won't be as available as normal. Will try and do testing as we can with Wi-fi on the road. 

I think just working on the apron really.... (besides normal thursday stuff) I've been slacking and would like to get it done... and not play like 8 hours of Citadel tomorrow lol

5pm: I had gotten new markers for the apron today; im glad I snagged two. So the edge design is finally done. I have started assembling any of it yet though...

I spent most of the day in a pretty shitty mood. i still am, but actually feeling a tiny bit better than earlier.  I need to find out when we plan on leaving tomorrow and figure out what needs to be packed. 


Jul. 25th, 2017 08:57 pm
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 work out
 clean bathroom
 clean beanbag

10am: oh it's only 10! that's not bad. I'm going to do dishes from yesterday and the dishwasher, make the wand, and then work on other cleaning. A game opens up today, so I imagine I'll be spending most of the day on that, and then this evening is Anime night, so friends are coming over. 


Jul. 24th, 2017 10:43 pm
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There's a chance guests will be over weds, so!

Clean the living room
- pick u stuff
- dust everything

- vacuum
- try and deal with the cord mess??

I also want to work on the apron some more. 
- Bias tape the neckline
The waist??


1:30pm: so freaking this morning!!! I ran to joanns to grab stuff to make a wizard hat apparently, and then the grocery store, and then napped lol. Started some laundry and got the dishes done. Working on cleaning up the rest of the kitchen. 

Then i guess on to the living room! 

9pm: i bias tapped the neckline, cut out the waist band and ties, but realized I needed to put the pattern on the apron first, so I worked on getting the apron to the size and shape I wanted, and started that. 


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