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 Okay! July has not been Great in terms of Getting Stuff Done. I was in a holding pattern for a lot of it; waiting for fabric, waiting for my machine to be fixed... but that should mostly be over now. I am still waiting on getting the 3d printed vorpal blade, but I got plenty to work on instead. That said, all that waiting had for sure killed the Productivity Kick I was on. I'm now trying to get back into that swing of things; making plushies, making art, etc. 

Speaking of art, I bought a cheap sketch book to just fill up with doodles. My large strathmore is getting  bit full, and while I have a small one and half, i feel like with it the sketches need to be more intended, than what I really need to do for myself right now. I'm using the cheap one with a ballpoint pen and just working on filling the pages up. Just kind of doing whatever i feel like sketching, good or bad, random, etc. 

I've gotten to some DR appointments and hopefully with those changes I can get my face and other things, and get on the mend with that. 

I've been trying to work out; it was going well enough, but then I took a rest day once too many, and starting over. I still need to do my work out for the day.....

I know the last review I mentioned something about being on hold on everything...  

But I think I've been feeling really good; other than a few days were I was really down, but I would say good in terms of mood. 

I've been spending too much money lately... donating to people, buying stuff for myself, on top of the stuff for sewing/cospaly. I really need to reign it in. 
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