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QA work - see notebook
Gyno Appt
Brown skirt - half circle skirt

7:30am: taco decided I need to be up early, and I couldnt go back to sleep so I started my QA work. But then I realized I had a question on how to handle the bug stuff, so I have to wait until I get an answer back for that. But I got part of my stuff done, looking into repro steps for how a thing happens. 

Since i know i'll be super tired later today, I dont know if I'll start working on the brown skirt today, or it might be super late today. 

OMG i actually got an answer from the guy 3 hours behind my time lol 

11am i have worked out and showered! talked a bit with a friend and she's like "you dont have to stop, why not just go back to the patch that you liked so far?" so I think I will. Like it makes sense?? I can just... not for a bit. I mean, i know my periods are not great, and I feel like they hurt more than they should for someone my age (as reading some things, but im not sure how right they are) 

Ah well, this dread will be over soon enough and then I dont have to think about it anymore, right?

7pm: dusted before the appointment and a headache started (sinus pressure, it's changed to other types of headches through the day) did my appointment. She's a great dr so IDK what i was freaking out about. Had a headache like ALL DAY so I have not sewn or done much.


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