Jul. 5th, 2017 09:45 am
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 SO I half accomplished what I wanted to yesterday? 

I did some emote work, and then we went to lunch late, after that I went to joanns to get a zipper I forgotten when i was ordering everything, and was like "ya know, lets make more skirts for myself" and was just going to get ONE, but instead, this purple and black gingham from the halloween fabric JUST CALLED TO ME so I got that and a grey-purple floral for skirts. (and zippers, and lace for the purple skirt). So I spent the rest of the day pretty much just working on the gingham skirt.

Which leads to today!

House chores:
clean the kitchen
vacuum along the walls
pug nails?

Personal stuff:
Finish the skirt! - adjust width, pocket, hem and waistband.
More emotes
Watercolor stuff
Finish the little black cat piece (White paint) 

Wow looking at this list so far... I feel like its a lot to do! I'm not sure how much I will end up getting done, since it's almost 10 and I still havent eaten yet!

Better go get started on the kitchen some I guess then

2:30pm: i did some more sewing, but it was apparent that the singer DOES REALLY need to be servived, so I took that in. However, the trip out kind of took me out. I came home feeling really light headed and dizzy. A mix of heat and low blood sugar? hard to say. So I spent like an hour  recovering @.@ A friend hit me up to go get coffee in a bit, so I'll be doing that. Just means things get pushed back but I don't mind. Someone had also messaged me like last week about some manga and games, so exciting! Getting rid of them. 


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