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Things I have to do:
Bring check to office
QA work
Work out

Things I would like to do:
sketch out Carmella's Garden Pieces to watercolor paper
make changes to paw logo
go through ASL alphabet 5 times

I may or may not being driving up to another city to check out this cafe there. Depending on my friend. 

Weekend goals:
tons of scene work! Can I get one, EVEN TWO completely done??
I wish I could sew on stuff, but I need the stabilizer to arrive first, so that's kind of on hold. 
3 more chapters in the audio book. I should really be done with it by now. 
Carmella's Garden pieces - get some more done.
Lets paint some mini figs! Conan board game!

Hubs is going to be having like a 5day weekend (sat-weds) so I dont know how this is going to be for the rest of the week. I expect it to be kind of crazy. 

8:30am: my friend isnt feeling well this morning, so no cafe! Well, no driving far to that one anyway. I might go to one here and work on scenes for a bit; no internet on the PC, just my phone and work. 

11am: been in a pretty good mood all morning, minus the weird dream. I tried to work on QA stuff while laundry was in the dryer, but my computer crashed once and froze up a bunch and I thought it was gonna crash. It was just impossible to try and work, so instead i'm trying to figure out why it is. So i'm pretty frustrated. 

2:30pm: trying to do some stuff... hoping between emotes, OWT stuff, and qa work. Either my computer or my internet is super slow and lagging. Most likely my computer. 


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