Jun. 27th, 2017 08:29 pm
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 play with RB store
drop off singer to repair shop
start new H&S scene
Carmella in the rain 

Grocery store

work out

9:30am: omg the cat came meowing at 6 am for someone to play with her, so the dog woke up and had to go outside at that time too. A bit tired this morning to say the least. I'm also sore from the workout yesterday, a mixture of it and not moving around enough im sure hahah. So I dont really want to work out this morning... but i'm gonna try to. Or do it early this afternoon. 

major goals today:
drop off sewing machine
start new scene
grocery store
work out

the rest can happen as they happen, but today will still be a good day if I can get those done.

I was gouing to leave this morning with the machine, but decided to test it to make sure I WAS still having issues, and in the process the people came that are upgrading the internet, so I hung around until that was done, and made myself go to the store. Super tired this morning. I took a nap afterwards, and have felt much better.

I've so far worked on the logo some, and now working on emote requests from hubs. 


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