Jun. 15th, 2017


Jun. 15th, 2017 07:46 am
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Dentist appt so early
Nap probably
clean up guest room

Flea spray guest room
finish flea spraying living room?
Find out new QA tasks for the week

For the cosplay, i think I'm going to try altering the pattern first, and if that doesnt work, try draping. But going to try altering the pattern first. 

12:30pm: man I was tired when I got home, but i did dishes and ate some food and cleaned up my sewing from the floor in the guest room before laying down. I think I'm gonna spray the couch again today. I've seen fleas on me TWICE while sitting on it.  Waiting to wake up a bit before doing too much or consider lunch. 

My face I think is starting to recover from the numbness, but it feels so weird. 

3pm: oh man I have like no energy. I dont feel tired like i did this morning before my nap, but I sure have no energy or desire to do ANYTHING. 

Ah I made myself wash the pug to see if it helps his itchiness at all. Taco also came out of the guest room so I sprayed that down and shut the door. 
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 I took the CPR certification class
Made like 2-3 plushies
started my cosplay
made two more Carmella's Garden pieces, and even sold one. 

There was a brief moment of depression going on, which I can't say is 100% gone right now, but is lesser at the moment. 

For the rest of the month I want to work on the cosplay, at least have a decent bodice mock and got a sleeve attached right. Depending on how long that takes, at least have started the purple lace bunny if not also completed it too. I would honestly like to work out 2-3 times a week. I'm going to try it, but not hold it against myself if I dont complete it, as the last week I was bleeding and cramping and miserable from it. 


Jun. 15th, 2017 03:49 pm
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 do an our of QA work
Spray living room
attempt adjusting pattern piece
clean bathroom

5pm: man I had a headache for most of the day and just not up for critical thinking. It's mostly gone this evening so I'm going to try and get the QA in, and I started on the pattern adjustment, but it's jsut too hot in the work room and the fan on blows all my paper away :V 


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