Jun. 8th, 2017


Jun. 8th, 2017 07:38 pm
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 Since I dont really make goals for over the weekend this is kind of just a general list of stuff I'd like to do by or on monday.
  • CPR Class (Fri morning)
  • Call Lasko about fan
  • Call Obygn: RE-cancel nurse appointment, I dont thin depo is just going to work for me. I've started bleeding like 2 weeks after a 30-day estrogen pill regimen.  Will probably go back to Xulane.
  • Call vet - shots for pug, ask about recommended/best flea meds for cats and dogs
  • Food truck rodeo downtown?
  • teach hubs to draw sunday?
  • QA testing
  • grocery store - no idea what to do for friday's dinner, and we've ordered in already on thursday. Maybe make a meatloaf for friday night for him.. and figure something else out for me. 
  •  Father's Day card
6/9 5:50pm: ugh After the class and lunch, i started cramping. Luckily it waited long enough for me to get home from groceries before really kicking it, but the rest of the afternoon I've been feeling oh so slightly nauseous, and low energy. Just really ugh. I hope this clears up by tomorrow! I want have plans this weekend!

6/10 12pm: took my scissors up, and they said they didnt look like they needed to sharpened, and ran a file along it to try and clear out some gunk that might be causing the occasional hitching I see. Got some coffee. I don't expect today to be very productive, but I'm going to try and make art today. I'm cramping and feel low energy in general. Try and recharge so I can have fun tomorrow when we go out.  

I'm going to try and do some roll cats and Camella's Garden sketches, and do a bit of QA work.


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