May. 13th, 2017

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Word game qa work
New knitting pattern? 
Color roll cats

spent most of the day either sleeping or play games with hubs. 

I had traced out the plushie pieces ,and began cutting them out when I realized I had the fabric not the right way, so now I've pieces I cant use, need to find some other color that can show up on this fabric so I can re-trace things over, and redo the pieces that are wrong. I'm so mad because there are large pieces, and the whole thing takes up like half a yard of fabric, if done right, so now I absolutely wont have enough to do another one in just that color. ARG!!! 

Besides that, I feel like the last few days have not been as productive as they should have been. Hubs throws off my game so much when he stays home!!! Tomorrow and monday probably wont be productive either. Going to the zoo Sunday, and then meeting up with someone monday, and I will probably go do a bit of shopping since I'm out and about anyway. I'm starting to feel frustrated with myself and how much or little I've been doing lately. 


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