May. 4th, 2017

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 Things I would like to get done soon:
  • Drop stuff off at Office Depot for recycling
  • Jo-Ann for black and white fleece (or something better than felt for appliques on plushies)
  • Container Store - small holder thing for erasers, etc
  • Start deciding what I need for giant sewing box organization
  • organization stuff for remaining art items (most are like paper or large sized things, so IDK) 

(Not really hobby goals, but related to... so????) 

Writing this down because I feel like I'm going to forget or over fret on this stuff. 

5/5 goals

May. 4th, 2017 06:43 pm
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Do my stuff
 - Play a full game of the word game
 - compatibility!!!

Taco logos! 

Embroidery class thing?

Call house rep - let them know how badly they f'd up

Start remake of a garden pals image

Container store?

3:30pm: man having a hard time getting myself to do stuff. Went to a movie this morning and did some QA work, but not much beyond that. 

4:30pm: I think I'll not get the embroidery class thing. It might be useful to me, it might not be. But it's 35$ with the coupon, and I feel that's still too much when I have a bunch of other embroidery reference things. 

8pm: worked on logo for hubs. So I guess I didn't do a lot of anything I planned then eh? 


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