May. 3rd, 2017

5/4 goals

May. 3rd, 2017 09:15 pm
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 Husband reminders:

  • cancel sling
  • cancel storage
  • cancel amazon auto sub stuff
My goals
  • Draft some stuff for inside of mom's cards
  • sketches of banner for hubs
  • images for CSS project
  • get ready for QA meeting that night
  • lettuce???
  • Stretches for my kneeeee
I woke up some time early in the morning and never really fell back asleep. There will be a nap at some point. My knee/leg is also a high priority. Whatever I did yesterday (or maybe how I slept?) Has not helped. My knee doesnt hurt, but the muscles through my thigh and calf do. 

TN got back to me about some logo stuff, im not awake enough to comprehend or think about what he's said, so that's a later thing

12pm: Having a hard time getting into a creative mood! I however, checked the mother's day card and realized it would not take water very well, so ink only! I wrote a small poem thing and drew a heart. Whatever. I've got like two weeks to do her birthday card, which SHOULD be able to take some water okay. 

I'm giong to have lunch and then probably get out of the apartment some. I feel a bit stifled and no idea why. A good chance to try and take care of it all. 

3pm: I just felt super anxious about stuff. I decided to take the recycling stuff and drop it off, and then grab the fleece for appliques on plushies. I had grabbed just black and white and first, and forgot about pink >< but I got that too before I left so :D 


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