Apr. 19th, 2017

4/19 tasks

Apr. 19th, 2017 09:58 am
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I have an interview at 3 today, so i'm going to try and make sure I'm ready for that.

Look up and practice interview questions
wash face

Some T-shirt art/mocks

2:30pm: I'm leaving for the interview soon, but I also feel like i've done nothing today. But that's not true. I've looked into font stuff; one is easy enough to get a commercial license for, and cheap. The other... says to email the guy and I have NO IDEA on the range of cost. His site is such a mess and is awful to try and find anything on it. He has like 4 fonts in his "To buy" section but no price listed, or conditions or anything like that. I had to add it to a cart to find out the price. I THINK it's 35 USD, but I'm also not 100% sure on that either. 

Anyway, the TN guy picked TWO fonts, and really I was just expecting one, so I'm going to look for a complimentary font to use. I read a bit on how to pick one, so I plan on doing more research on that and picking one this evening. I also looked into the company he thinks he'll go with for the t-shirt printing, which is more a shop and people buy it, so I am more concerned than before about licensing the fonts. (or at least telling him he should). The place he wants to do the printing though seems to be difficult to figure out HOW to do it. Which will require work as well, so that will either happen to night or tomorrow morning. I hope to have this all done by thursday night. 

So I HAVE DONE STUFF. Just not a lot to show for it. I'd also read some common questions for mobile testing, and they were either stuff I know, or things i have zero clue about, not a lot inbetween. 

I just feel like i havent done anything today and wasted it just kind of trying to pass time before the interview, but that isn't true. Deep breathes. we can do this!! 

7:38pm: I hope the interview went well, but I messed up the one technical question they asked... so we will seeeeeee I made up some cleaner shirt mocks/templates, and sent them to the guy. Hopefully they'll work for him to deal with??? debating on what to do for myself now. I'm leaning towards audio book and knitting


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