Apr. 17th, 2017


Apr. 17th, 2017 01:30 pm
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Breakfast as PB toast and raisins  

had half a granola bar

lunch was McDonald's 10 piece nuggets, med fries, and strawberry black iced tea. 

Dinner was chicken potato tacos.

Hubs convinced me to go grab cake mix, so we had some cake after dinner.


Apr. 17th, 2017 10:32 pm
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Finish up banner art
work out
finish emptying cabinets
clip taco's nails
start some panel header art
start redo of phone background art 

9:25am: Looked at some more fonts, but not finding anything satisfactory. I told the person so, and said they should go look on dafont or similar and see if they can find something they like. Luckily this person is pretty good at getting back to me, so I dont imagine I'll have to wait too long for it. The T-shirt fellow, however... I think I'm just going to do some mocks. Hopefully he likes the font for those???

After hubs leaves for the day, I'm going to wash the dishes in the sink, put the ones drying away, make the bed and dumb the bathroom cabinet stuff on it. I have no idea when they are coming, i'm going to assume later in the day, but since I still have a few to do, I don't want to be trying to do that and handle the dog all at the same time when they arrive. 

12:37pm: Finished up the one banner 100%, and then as I was finishing up emptying the cabinets, the exterminator people showed up. After that I took the dog to get him some new chew bones, and now I'm making dinner. i've finished putting most of the stuff back. The tea needs to be put away, but it's all in a box out of the way, so I'm not in a rush. After I eat I'm going to the grocery store, and either going to nap or do laundry after that. 


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