Apr. 16th, 2017

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morning was a chai latte and pb toast with raisins.

 lunch around noon was a sandwich and chips, and some strawberry black iced tea.

Dinner was chicken and rice in a tortilla, and a salad. 

No symptoms! Although did feel kinda tired and dragging most of the day, but part of that might be heat related, it got to 80 today.

4/17 goals

Apr. 16th, 2017 10:23 pm
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 Do my QA work
ASL practice
clean out more cupboards
work out
clean beanbag
make gyno appt
          to discuss side effects of the BC - specifically the spotting, and possibly related, the low energy levels. 

12pm: went to the container store this morning and got some items. After some QA work, I'm going to put my thumbnails to t-shirt templates and get some feedback on them. 

12:45pm: did some quick poorly done mock ups of the shirt and sent them off, sent off the email in hopes of job prospects, and still trying to get myself to calm the fuck down and chill over anxiety issues. I just feel like I have a lot I need to do, and not doing it very well, in terms of both time management and quality of work. 

3:30pm: the recruiter had called me and told me about what they had available right now. One is looking for something immediately, and the other doesn't have stuff juusssttt yet, but sounds like they will soon. The pay 10-11/hr, which is average around here. That makes me excited, now I just have to hope they like my resume and I can actually pass the interview OTZ sine that seems to be my problem. 

Got some feedback from not the TN guy himself, but some good things from someoen else, so going to work on those. 

Also did SOME QA work, and going to try to do more later, but going to play with T-shirt stuff a bit more for the time being. 


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