Apr. 14th, 2017

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Food: Peanut butter toast and raisins, my morning vitamins  , and some water

food:turkey sandwich, chips, and milk

no symptoms yet. Just feel kinda hungry again. 

Had a granola bar at some point, and then dinner!

6pm dinner: chicken and brown rice. 

No symptoms as of 9pm
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 There originally was going to be a fashion meet Saturday, but to do another event going on downtown again, the host is moving the date to some time next month. I now have a freed up day.
  • Talk with Hubs about what TN art needs are
  • CSS - working on "post area" within an area
  • QA work - check some bugs
  • Play with the Garden Pals - but with longer legs!
  • also: take some Sentimental Circus poses/images, and just do Garden Pals in those poses/actions
  • Work out! 
  • Practice some ASL fool!
  • Compare drs, pick one

10am: late start to the day, and feels just kinda dragging. I suppose as long as I stare at what I want to try and do instead of scrolling on tumblr, that will be good. Work will be slow, but has a better chance of all  happening. 

It's not motivation or inspiration, but discipline. 

11:10am: I didnt do the "post area" of the CSS, but did some other stuff, and sorta started the post area. kinda. So calling that enough for now and going to move onto other tings. 

1pm: The TN needs where not something I had total access to, so now I understand what he's talking about. Ahahahah I need to make some Tacos. 

4:30pm: did some TN art work instead of garden pals stuff. Art is art! Trying to figure out what this one person wants and will probably do that tomorrow


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