Apr. 12th, 2017

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Food: Potato bread, peanut butter, and raisins.

Symptoms: 8:55am - stomach kind of crampy feeling. errr rather crampy and I have to go to the bathroom urgently.
9:37am: went poop, laid down. The back pain eased up some to like a 1-2. The pain is about mid back, and my intestines feel a bit squeezed as well. The backpain is about a 4 when I get up and move around. I'm going to try to eat some food and see if it helps.

Food: snacking on a granolla bar. Crucnhy peanut butter bar . 
Symptoms: mid back still hurts. Trying to eat so my stomach might stop hurting. Back is still a 4 to 5ish. pain is more on the left side of the spine

12:12pm: food: eating sandwich of potato bread, pickles, mayo, turkey,
1:42pm: symptoms: no symptoms, back pain has gone down and not noticable at all. I do feel a bit hungry still, and want to eat more, but no pains. 

3:55pm: had a mug cake thing. As of 4:20pm, still no symptoms like this morning.
6:30pm: Dinner was salad of spinach/mixed greens, very butter mashed potatoes, and baked chicken.
8:50pm Symptoms: None so far

pain scale: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/coping-403768-5.html
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Work Out
Craft meet!
Check out Taco Nation Banners
CSS - What art pieces do I need to do the EAH one?
Limit time on FB/Tumblr!!
Get new QA tasks for the week
Clean up living room

TN banner notes: 
twitter seems to be the only place with a banner? I don't think I'm doing Taco directly a new banner?  SO I guess I need to get a clarified list of what EXACTLY i am redoing. 


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