Apr. 10th, 2017

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We went to the zoo today and it didnt actually rain on us; yay! There were a good deal of young kids, but it wasn't like swarming with them, as it was apparently yesterday.

I then had lunch with a friend, and since getting back my stomach has been yelling at me :< I really want to get over visiting with this other friend who I feel like i've hardly hung out with in school, so a bit surprised she had hit me up to meet up. I want to get it over with, and not go out to dinner with her since there's food at my parents house I need to eat before i leave, but ugh tummy. I'm going to try to calm it down in like another 30 min so I can hit friend up and be like "lets go grab a coffee or something :D" and still be over with all that by dinner time.

Then spend the rest of the day just chilling as I normally do, and play games, or maybe code a bit, or w/e. BUt to just relax. Tomorrow i want to do laundry and repack my suitcase for the flight that evening.


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