Mar. 22nd, 2017

yamneko: (anime)
pick a website to mock
back up files
sketch or knit
clean up second room - figure out where to put the ramp pieces
put away manga that needs to be
work out? (yoga? hooping?)
go over bills eps credit cards

water drank today:

My mock website was chosen for me:

I have some how squirreled away the last bits of manga.. but I can say that there really is not any room for more to be put into those boxes lol going to have to buy a new box when i get more manga.


Mar. 22nd, 2017 07:29 pm
yamneko: (anime)
Continue working on website mock
get new list of stuff for the week (QA)
work out
Watch some anime
Do some art

Today's list feels kind of short, but the CSS and art should hopefully be a few hours? I've fallen off badly on the "Completing Stuff" Tasks I've had, and Thursday is an Anime day, so I gotta watch some!! My list just keeps growing.

2:41pm: I had forgotten I was going to a cafe meet, and in the process picked up someone who was 30min away one way, so half of the day so far was spent driving somewhere hahah. Either allergies are hitting me hard or I am getting the cold hubs brought home. so now my goal is just to pretty much deal with QA stuff. Going to try and poke at the CSS stuff, however foggy head is not great for thinking.


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