Feb. 27th, 2017

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I spent the weekend with Hubs. I did QA work one morning, spent Sunday sewing a plushie and then have done nothing else since.

Today (2/27) I hung out with a new friend, and did little in the way of... well anything productive.

I need to get back on track of doing stuff. Pick a new CSS project to work on. Start doing some drawing again. I have a sewing project I'm going to do with a friend, so planned sewing times, and I have knitting I can work on when I want to do something with my hands but not play games.

Tonight or tomorrow I'm going to rework my schedule some. It's starting to feel a bit overbearing now, especially since I don't have a ton of CSS work I'm trying to do.

Also, thought, there's a tea shop in Wake Forest opening up and has spots for people to sell art, and the Sew Desu Ne/Choly Knight says "free to sell te products you make" so I think, if this bat plushie goes well, I might make more and see if I can sell them there. (going to try for 45-50, but willing to go down to 35 for them. We will see!) Really depends on the craftman ship of it.

2/28 goals

Feb. 27th, 2017 06:17 pm
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  • Post my manga to: https://anime.circlly.com

  • Grocery shopping

  • Work Out

  • QA Work?? Do some compat testing with the new main area/prod smoke

  • Finish up the 2nd profile CSS

  • Watch Anime

The focus of the day should be to do the CSS. If I finish up the profile fast, I'll move onto doing some Tumblr theme stuff. Try and figure out how the fuck I want stuff to look. The challenge.

9:24am: the workout wasnt a lot, but I did it after so long of not doing anything. Yas go me!

1:37pm: so I'm happy where the profile is. I Don't know what else I would do with it. Like hahaha... not super heavy into it as a character I gues??? Anyway, the issue I was having, I did have the right selector, but for whatever reason it was moving the whole div, so I had to put extra padding on the img and it worked. Anyway, next project??

Trying to post stuff on the circlly and it keeps failing so D: maybe tomorrow


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