Feb. 19th, 2017

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- My own profile custom cuteness

QA work
- poke dev again about issues.

- Start next Sew Desu Ne/CholyKnight plushie
- Embroidery image ???
- Do some art??? Finish the painting for realz

   - Laundry
   - Dishes
   - Vacuum

Focus today is to keep busy in my activities and chores. Try and turn my mood around, whatever is causing it.
I hope to do that by just getting stuff done. ''

8:00am I feel slow and sluggish this morning, So we will see what happens. I need to the very least get all my house chores done and start the CSS project, and poke at the dev about the bugs.

10:11am Got the dishes done, the bedroom and hallway vacuumed, and laundry is now in the dryer, however I feel super exhausted and really want to curl up and nap. I think I'll chill out and snooze some after I get the laundry from the dryer, since it'll be about 11 then, and still early enough it the day I wont screw everything up by napping. Then I should have some energy and focus to start on the profile CSS stuff. I think I'll do it from scratch and try to still as little code as possible for it.

I also really want to not take an allergy pill today. See how well that goes for me.

2:51pm: I'd much rather feel listless and shit and ablet o do something than this BS of no energy. I at least got the clean laundry in the apartment, but not put away yet. I started doing some CSS stuff, altering a few things. is it done well right now? No, but it is a start. I'll keep pecking away at it in weird chunks, and organize it better later. I wish I knew where the hell this strange mood came from.


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