Feb. 16th, 2017


Feb. 16th, 2017 07:51 pm
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- that green color in text still
- can I get the FULL background black???
- on roll-over animation stuff for the villager icons???

Watch a movie on CR


Work out

QA work

I worked a but more on the painting, and I feel like I ruined it the other day. Spots are not "this could be touched up better" but "this was done very poorly" I'm still going to try and finish putting in the background, because good practice, but ew. But that's what practice is for right?? There's a few things I think I would do differently next time. So looking forward to that.I think I'll pull out the larger sketch book and draw some more of the characters in there and stuff before trying another illustration kind of piece.

11:04am: i got some CSS stuff done, and by done I mean C/Ping code snippets for what I want. And then going "no wonder I had trouble figuring it out myself, thats like seven layers in" Like I was close to having it on my own, I was missing like one more level up.  ALSO ITS HOVER not MOUSE OVER. sigh lol

12:05pm: I've stopped trying to get the background to change completely, and just handed the code over to the person who requested it. I think  next I will do custom background for myself on another character. Hubs is home sick again today. Not as bad as yesterday though, but it still means my groove/TV access is off. I think I'm going to do some art/sewing before getting to some QA work. There's some broken items I need to bug devs about (Is this something that can be fixed right now, or is it broken because something isnt in yet, but will be soon)


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