Feb. 9th, 2017


Feb. 9th, 2017 09:29 am
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Today Is going to be rather chill. I didn't sleep well last night, so Naps are inorder.

Read "Creating Lists" blog post
Grocery store
clean litter box

QA meeting related stuff
FV profile????
sewing???? - probably not gonna happen.

1:58pm: well, a reason I might have not slept well has to do with... period cramps! and spotting! I just had my period like 2 weeks ago! WTF! At least I didn't plan on getting a lot done today. The rest of it till about 5, my plan is to chill on the couch and read the blog post. If time is left over, play some stardew valley.


Feb. 9th, 2017 07:43 pm
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QA work
     - matching game
     - general testing/compat testing
Finish CSS post of lists
Start next post
Do some Sewing
Do some painting

I really hope I get some sleep tonight. I'm getting some spotting/inbetween period nonsense and I think that's giving me insomnia. It sucks since yetserday (2/7) I was full of pep and energy. And today I am not. It rather sucks. I hope it wont effect me too much tomorrow. I don't mind a lazy day here and there, but I want to work through this stuff and get going with it. I imagine it'll take a while before I start getting freelance jobs or anything with it, so lets get through this rough patch faster, right??

1:29pm: I've had some energy today, but concetration has been difficult. I still need to do my "workout" and do some yoga. It's been a struggle to do anything. Right now I'm working on some sewing. The goal is to at least get the zipper sewn in I think??? And maybe finish the coin pouch. Then I need to go do some more QA. And really need to do some CSS, but one step at a time.

4:35pm: worked on the FV profile CSS. I think I got some better colors down, and worked out a few more things. None of them the things that have stopped me before, but I think I'll need to go through and read a bunch of forum posts (because people dont label well) for my answers. I've reorganized the code and putting in comments! Comments are important. The person I'm making it for seems to like what I have going so far. They'd like a background image so I'll deal with that after I got all the other non-sense worked out. 


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