Feb. 7th, 2017


Feb. 7th, 2017 09:44 pm
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Work Out
      - Tackle the proflie again
    - Finish reading the typography post
    - Do the next post, Backgrounds and Gradients
Do some Sewing (in lieu of art)

11:05 am: I feel like my day to do CSS started a little later than I want, but I also showered to wash my hair, so that was important. To read a bunch of CSS stuff! Goal is to read those two blog posts today, and then in the evening to work on the profile page.

12:20pm: ugh that felt like it took forever. Of course I would wander off to FB or tumblr or somewhere for a bit. I had to keep pulling myself back. The typography post had a lot of good info in it though. The next post looks just as long, so I guess it'll take me like ~2 hours to get through. I'm going to eat lunch and consider a nap, although I said no more naps because of how grumpy I get. Just a 15 min snoozer!

Then lets do an hour of reading, go do some sewing to break it up, and then finish the post. That sounds like a good way to do the last part there.  (I havent touched the profile yet, I want to read someone and then go back at it again, maybe anew.)

4:04pm: actually close to being done with the gradient post, but I'm running out of concetration and want to go do like ANYTHING ELSE. I gotta force myself through it and get it done. I CAN DO THIS.


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